17th/18th November


Shopping trip with Freya. Busy day that started with full English breakfast to set us up for the long, arduous day. Had a great day laughing & shopping. Came home but felt sick and had a massive headache so went to bed really early. Realised that I hadn’t really stopped to drink other than breakfast and a coffee with cake in the afternoon so dehydration was the reason for my headache. Dick went to his friends to help him set up his new tv, Xbox & entertainment centre and didn’t get back until around 10.30, I was already in bed so other than a quick five minute chat we didn’t really speak. I got an email from Harvey.

H: Enjoyed the read, I think I’ll procure a blindfold for our next encounter….
Things aren’t that calm, she discharged herself too early… its tough but I’ll get through it….. or she will end up under the patio Trevor Jordache style ….
Keep the economy going and have fun xxxxxx I’ll make sure we speak tomorrow xxxx

A: Sorry to hear it’s not calm. Please get some help you can’t do this on your own.

Look forward to hearing from you if it’s safe to do so.
No blindfold required, I promise to keep my eyes closed……….!


Still struggling with headache so I took some painkillers and battled on with my day. Managed to leave my work mobile at home so I emailed Harvey to let him know to call my personal phone if he planned to.

A: No work phone today so if you do want to call if you get chance/want to call my personal number.
No pressure babe all good here, sending you huge hugs xxx

H: Hugs received and very welcome xxxx will call you soon xxxxx

A: Ok babe look forward to it xxxxxx

H: 15.00

A: I’ll be free xxxxxx

He called and we chatted, he’s a little overwhelmed with things at home and the away day next week is definitely off. I’m not surprised at all so I think I hid my disappointment really well. He made me laugh saying he’d been thinking of ways to smuggle in a spanking bench, I told him why waste time & energy, not to mention risk, with all that when it would be just as amazing with me over his knee?? I think he enjoyed that idea and got hard just chatting about it. Especially when I told him I was taking his call in the CR and that if only he were here! Safe to say it hit the right note as the following emails will attest to!

H: You in exquisite underwear, stocking clad legs showing your milky white thighs, stripper heels stretching your fine calves as you lay across my knee, a light spanking to warm you up fingers tracing your sex dipping in and out between smacks and slaps, smacking your Inner thigh to make you spread your legs wide to invite my fingers to probe deep inside, 3 fingers vigorously bringing you off quickly as my cock presses into your stomach…..
Reaching in to the bag on the nightstand I pull out a blindfold and place it over your eyes leading you by your pony tail I sit you on the chair and secure you ankles and wrists…….

A: Yes please…………!
How soon can you be here???

H: Restrained I stand behind you, lifting your hair to nibble your neck reaching down to squeeze your breast and pinch you nipples taking an elastic hair band and doubling it up as I slide it over your left breast, it instantly changes colour and starts to throb as blood flows to your nipple, slapping your other tit to match your arse as you gasp in anticipation…….. as you hear the bag on the night stand unzip still blindfold you bite your lip in anticipation of what’s to come.. I spin the chair around so you face me as I drop to my knees and suck your nipples teasing and pulling…. from the bag I’ve taken a modified syringe barrel and place the end over your nipple pulling the plunger and watch as the nipple fills the vacuum before repeating the same on Thelma with the plungers pegged a 1/4 of the way out your nipples throb like never before …….

A: Wow. So fucking hot right now!
I want you so much, just thinking about that scenario got my nipples hard all on their own and I’m so very wet! Nice to think a simple conversation earlier about me being over your knee could result in these thoughts and feeling. I miss you so much, your lips on my neck as you pull my hair away, the feel of your tongue on my nipples as your fingers bring me expertly to a monumental orgasm.
We need a hotel room sooner rather than later, wish you were here right now! I’ve just got myself off imagining you doing all the things you’ve described and it was amazing!

H: Pushing you backwards you gasp as the chair goes over I lower you slowly restrained, blindfolded,tit tied and nipples stretched…. I kneel and bury my face in your hot cunt sucking greedily as my fingers tweak your clit teasing it out of its hiding place I reach into the bag and find another sucker….. pressing the barrel over your slightly swollen clit I pull the plunger slowly and watch as you clit double in size locking the plunger and leaving you to throb while my fingers fuck you fast occasionally teasing your arse……

A: This is not fair! I’m not a lie there and take it kinda girl! You know at this point I’ll be begging you to fuck me right? To untie my bindings so I can kiss you, feel you, stroke your chest, tweaking your hard nipples, licking them, all the while my hands stroke lower, my finger nails scraping across the length of your shaft, tickling your balls. My mouth moving down, licking the tip of your hard cock if only you’ll release me.
Begging you to take off the blindfold so I can see how hard and excited you are…………!

H: As I come in your mouth and you swallow keeping me hard so I can fuck you hard and for the rest of the night xxxxxxx

A: Perfect ❤️
Soon xxxxxxxx

I thought I’d treat him to a quick photo of my unrestrained breasts so as I was wearing a tshirt with no bra I quickly lifted my top and sent him a snap.

A: Enjoy 😘 Xxxx

H: Enjoyed, thank you xxxxx looks like your back on it xxxxxxx

A: KFC, chocolate & full fat Coke then yes, I’m back on them all 😂😂
You’re welcome xxxxxx

Had an early night as we’re away the next two days to my home town to visit family, a surprise 30th birthday party and attend a memorial service for my mom.


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