15th/16th November


Didn’t sleep at all. I wasn’t troubled or stressing but I think I’d over eaten at the restaurant so I wasn’t particularly comfortable. Everyone got up and we left the house relatively easily.

Joy has been much better at getting ready in a morning since we sorted her room. It makes my day a lot less stressful when she co-operates. She’s sitting mock exams at present so I was expecting diva style melt downs but so far she’s been ok.

Work dragged but I cracked on, I spent most of the day yawning and stretching at my desk. I got an update from our boss that Harvey had spoken to him and told him about his wife being home so I acted surprised and asked all the right questions. There’s a plan to send her a card to let her know we’re all thinking of her, might have to skip that one. I’d be the worlds biggest hypocrite to sign that given that things I’ve done with her husband wouldn’t I? Decision made that men are rubbish at sentiment and barely know her so I said it would be better just being signed for the whole team. Genius!

Came home absolutely exhausted, planned to go to the gym with Joy as we’ve not been for 4 weeks. I made tea and when Dick came home he told me I looked knackered and suggested I gave the gym a skip. Joy came in and agreed with her dad, she told me we’d go tomorrow if I got some sleep tonight! I didn’t put up much resistance as I have to admit I’m shattered. I had a long soak and felt better for it. Caught up with my friends online and spent most of the night laughing. Did my nails for the next challenge prompt and generally chilled. Had an early night as I couldn’t keep my eyes open.


Much better night sleep and felt a little more human. Thankfully my period is over now so I’m less hormonal. Woke up with raging horn but nothing could be done about that sadly. It’s so sad that the only person around to satisfy my needs is myself. I’d love nothing more than Harvey to be here so I could lead him astray in CR again, I miss those days. I’d like nothing better than to surprise him by arranging a meeting and be stood in the corner with my legs open, stockings on display and wearing no knickers. The look on his face and the resulting orgasm for both of us would be well worth any risk!

Got through the very boring day, met my friend for dinner and had a great catch up. She said I was looking better. Great news considering I didn’t realise I looked bad last time. Think it’s obvious to most people now that I’m not well so I’m going to have to do something about that.

Went home, made tea and got ready for the gym. I received an email from H.

H: Afternoon, I’ll read that later, thanks xxxx
I miss talking to you too xxxxx
How’s you and yours?

A: Enjoy the read!

Ok here, nothing to report. Off tomorrow, Freya & I are off tomorrow on a girly shopping trip!

Someone has to keep the economy going right? Off to the gym tonight so back on it now.

Hope things are calm there and you’re getting some support xxxxx

I hope he gets to read the amazing erotic poem that I sent him and he enjoys it.

Joy and I went to the gym so no doubt I’ll be knackered tomorrow. Came home, had a bath & Dick had an early night. I caught up online with my friends and replied to a email I got from this blog. I hope she decides to do a blog of her own, it’ll be a great read I’m sure. I’m very flattered that not only do people read my ramblings, but that people enjoy them and contact me for advice about setting up their own or need advice. Totally unexpected when I started this blog to empty my head that this would happen. It’s time for bed I’ve to be up in 6 hours. Pray for sleep!



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