12th/13th/14th November


A very quiet weekend all round. Stayed in bed until lunchtime on Saturday as I felt absolutely dreadful after a night of little sleep. My hormones are definitely off the scale as I’m experiencing the worst period yet. I thought last times was bad but this time the pain is excruciating. Got up, washed and climbed into PJ’s and had a very lazy day on the sofa. Dick got on with building Joy’s bedroom furniture with help from Frank.


Sunday was much of the same, but at least I got dressed into actual clothes and did a few chores as the pain wasn’t as bad as the day before. Washing, dishwashing, drying and generally sorting out the house as much as I can as it still resembles a building site in places. Joy’s furniture is built and looks really nice, she’s so pleased with it. No drama or issues just peace and tranquility.


Busy day at work, I had a massive rant at a bulletin that came out about how they were running a women’s practical car care event. WOMEN ONLY as obviously we need all the help and the men don’t need it given that they’re macho and oh so clever. My ranting was off the scale so I vented my displeasure in an email to one of our senior managers. Needless to say I’m now perceived to be poster girl for gender equality but I just lost my temper. It’s views and things like this that absolutely push me off the deep end. There is no need for it in todays modern equal society.

I went out with work colleagues for an indian meal after work. A good time was had by all and it was my final blow out. Last day of being lazy and eating rubbish. Back on it now and back to the gym tomorrow too.

Had a bath and was surprised to receive emails from H.

H: Lol xxxx I’m gym bound…. need to release some energy on the. Xtrainer before I loose it xxxxxx how’s you?

A: Sorry babe it must be so stressful.
Enjoy the gym it’ll be good for you to get back into a routine where you can.
I’m ok thanks xxx

H: Routine started xxxxx although my knee doesn’t like the. Xtrainer!! Swim was good xxxx catch you tomorrow night xxxx

A: Good! Enjoy you’ll soon get back into it.
Thanks for popping in xxxxx

H: Can’t wait to pop back in with my tongue xxxxx night babe xxxx

A: Me too!! Stay sane, hope you’re getting some help xxxxx

I really miss him, I miss the interaction and I’m so worried that he doesn’t seem to have anyone to vent to. I really hope he’s getting some support at least. I wanted to send him a photo or something to distract him but didn’t know what to send. I logged onto wordpress and one of my favorites had written a post that I sent him.

A: I miss you, miss talking to you, telling you what I want you to do to me. I don’t know whether telling you while you can’t do anything about it a bit unfair. So I decided I was going to find you something to read instead:


Enjoy xxxx

That sent I went and chilled and caught up on my tv programmes whilst my hair dried. Dick had gone to bed as he’s on early shift this week. I watched a Chicago Fire episode from a few weeks a go that involved the death of a child and it upset me greatly so I went to bed.


6 thoughts on “12th/13th/14th November

  1. Hey, thank you so much for linking my poem in your blog. I feel so delighted that one of my favourite bloggers liked my poem and you featured it in your blog. It means a lot to me 😘😄

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for sharing your friends poem. I enjoyed reading it. 🙂

    Never seen Chicago fire… not sure I can see it now. I don’t want to see that episode.

    Liked by 1 person

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