8th, 9th & 10th November

I’m just going to post the emails in here as the last three days up until this afternoon, have been pretty much uneventful.

Been to work, come home, cracked on with the bedroom building for Joy, gone to bed, got up and started again!


H: Just home and going to bed, may take the erotic fiction link with mexxxxx I’ve not opened it yet xxxxxx

H: Morning Babe,
How’s the swelling? Mine went down after I had a happy ending thinking of your stocking clad legs either side of my face with me squeezing your breasts……

A: Morning,

Glad you enjoyed a happy ending and I still have an effect!
Did you read the link I sent you?

H: Yes, that’s what started the swelling!! she is a good wordsmith and I like her work

A: I thought you would. I’ll send you what I discover or your perusal!
What you up to today? Xxxxxx

H: Just sorting the washing out then taking it to the H, I’ve a parents meeting at 13.00 then back to the H to see the consultant. Any work rumours? Boss was on an important call earlier.
And you?

A: You make a great wife and mother!
No news, I’ve a catch up with him  later so if I hear something I’ll pass it on of course.

We got an email with info about what the plans were regarding changes at work so I sent it on.

I also found another blog I thought he’d like so I sent him that email too.

H: link here

You’re welcome xxxxx

Later that night he replied to the email about him making a great wife and mother.

H: Lol your not wrong xxxxx

A: This is not news 😂😂 xxx

H: I’ll be your bitch for a night xxxxxx

A: Deal! Let’s hope you can make the 24th xxxx

H: Night night, just about to click the link xxxxx


A: Hope you enjoyed xxxxxx

H: So tired I fell asleep before clicking!! Now I’m glued to sky news!!! Shock horror America is full of racist sexist idiots however I wouldn’t have voted for Clinton …….. night night babe xxxxxx

A: Morning xxxxxx

I would’ve voted for her, she’s the lesser of the two evils. Another reason why we’d never make it in the real world 😂😂
Have a good day xxxx

He then read the link to the blog I sent him and replied.

H: Wow
Would you?
Could I?


A: I’d love nothing more. The thought does excite & intrigue me. I’m not sure how we could without leaving marks though so further investigation is required.
You still hard?? Xxxx

H: I wasn’t but I am now xxxxx
Thinking about you.
Rolling your clit between my thumb and fingers pulling and tweaking as 2 fingers finger fuck you fast and hard making you wetter and wetter I pinch your clit hard as you cum over my hand…. dropping to my knees I suck your juice and lick your swollen lips reaching for you nipples and I pinch them hard as you cum in my face

A: How soon can you get here lol?
Probably not best to read this in the meeting I’m in! Nipples hardened just reading that. Need to get naked with you soon!

Didn’t hear anything else until this afternoon.


H: Afternoon Hun,
How’s you, can you chat, if so give me a call In The next hour xxxx

A: I’m out at lunch with Freya sorry so not free.
Hope things are ok with you? Xxxxx

A: I can talk up to 4.15 if you need to speak to me. Sorry I missed you xxx

H: Dooh missed you ….. in more ways than one xxxxx

I got the agenda for the away day in two weeks so I sent him that.

A: 😘 Did you get the agenda for the away day?
You’re in my team if you can make the activity!

H: How was lunch? Things are getting busy here, Wife has arranged to discharge herself tomorrow!! It’s going to get busy and interesting at home going from 12 hr care to 24/7 not sure I can make the Away Day😩 but never say never ❤️❤️❤️

A: Oh my god! I really hope you’re getting some home help or support.
Good luck getting the house sorted in time.
Gutted about the away day but there will be another time when things have settled down xxxxx

H: Xxxx just working out how to smuggle the spanking bench in to the hotel



A: Now I’m really gutted you can’t make it 😂😂 xxxx

H: Never say never xxxxx

A: I feel a song coming on! 😂😂
Really sorry I didn’t get chance to call now as I guess that means contact is over now. I hope you’re ok and not too stressed at the thought of being 24/7 carer. I hope you’re being supported. I hope you know where I am if you need a friendly ear if you get chance.
It’s been emotional!
Ava xxxxxxxx

H: Contact isn’t over, I will just have to pick my moments xxxxxx I’m ok and not too stressed cxxxx

A: You need to be very, very careful then. Glad you’re ok, take whatever help is offered and don’t be a hero.
I’ll still be here xxxxxxx

Got home and emptied my head into this post Feeling meh! Then decided to send him a photo of my breasts as a goodbye before I empty his emails tomorrow.

A: How much do you wish you were here right now?
Sucking on my nipples making them hard so you can pinch them?
Your tongue licking my clit, tasting my juices????

H: I spat my drink all over the bar at the local when I opened that …. top tits…… yes yeah yes xxxxxx

A: What a waste of alcohol!
Sorry I owe you a pint xxx

H: Lol xxxxx

A: Man of few words. Enjoy the photo I’ll delete your mail tomorrow xxx

H: I save my tongue for your pleasure xxxxxx

A: I can’t wait 😘

With this all typed up, my head emptied and my nails painted I’m off to bed!


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