7th November

Slept for 2 hours, couldn’t really settle once I woke so came downstairs to read. Saw a reply from H.

H: Night night babe, good luck tomorrow, I’ll try and speak tomorrow xxxx

A: Thank you. Don’t worry about calling, it was for reference not a command!

Realised his reply had pissed me off again. I’ll try and speak tomorrow?? I wasn’t sure if I’d read into that far too much. I told him so that he knew I was free if he wanted to chat, not that I was demanding to speak to him. His reply of I’ll try and call did the most damage I think. You have loads of time on your own, either driving to or from somewhere, you could find 5 minutes if you had to I’m sure. The irony being I didn’t need to talk to him! I give up.

Dozed on the sofa until 4 then must’ve dropped back off. Franks day off so just Joy & Dick to get up this morning. I was working from home as I was having 2 fillings done at 9.30. I was going alone again as Dick had forgot and I didn’t remind him, it’s time I stood on my own 2 feet. Just before we all left the house I got a call from my cousin to tell me her husband passed away at 2am this morning. He had lung cancer which quickly spread and although it was expected its still awful to accept. Such a lovely man too, he will be so sorely missed. It made me sad but also a reminder that life could be a lot worse and to get on with it. I rang my dad and my brother to tell them.

Went to the dentist and it was horrendous, 2 fillings that’s all I went for and I was so sore and swollen, I looked like I’d had 12 rounds with Muhammad Ali! I have no joy at all with dentists. Went home and felt sorry for myself as I can’t eat or drink!

Received an email.

H: I’ll call at 1.30 ish if that’s ok xxxx

A: I’m free until 2 no worries if not. On this number not work as that’s out of charge xxxx

He called at 1.45 so we chatted for 10 minutes, he seemed ok. We spoke about how well his wife is doing and how soon she might be out. There’s a good chance that will clash with the away day, and he says if it does we’ll reappoint it. I think he’s clutching at straws to be honest. When she comes home it’s game over for sure, he’ll be 24/7 carer. I’m a little upset about that as I’ll miss the distraction but I hope he’ll be ok. He made some comment that I gave a saucy reply to and said I was sorry if it made him hard. He had a few minutes before his appointment for that to settle 😂

Joy’s furniture arrived and the joys of 38 flat pack items was adorning my living room 🙈 Luckily though she’s tidied her room so Dick & Frank have made a start on it this evening. I got a takeaway for the kids as they’d worked hard since Joy finished school and I really couldn’t be arsed cooking, my head pounds whenever I move. I took it easy and left them to it! Received an email.

H: Has the swelling gone down? Luckily mine had before I got to the reception at the docs xxxxxx

A: 😂😂😂😂
Hope you got sorted out for new medication and it works.
Face is less swollen but it’s still quite sore, I swear dentists hate me lol . Hope you’re ok and chilling out xxxxxxx

Read some online blogs and really enjoyed one in particular so I sent the link to H.

A: I’ve found some erotic reading for you if you want a distraction

Link here

Your good girl is the one I think you’ll like xxxx

I hope he enjoys reading it, I’ve kind of lost my mojo so maybe reading that will give him something to think about while my mind heals. I’m having a very early night as I’m exhausted.


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