6th November

Woke up about 7am, I slept well. Dick got up and made me a coffee and left me to it. Had a very lazy morning reading until I finished my book. I got an email from Harvey.

H: Morning Babe,
Is it a lazy Sunday or have you got a full on day? I’m considering a healthy breakfast then the gym before I go to the H.

Woke up hard this morning imagining your arse lightly smacked to a nice deep pink to match your swollen clit, you protest and turn over pulling your knees up and opening your lips so I can bury my tongue deep inside I press my thumb against your tight arse as I nibble and bite your throbbing clit you cum on my face as my thumb forces it’s way in…….

A: Morning, a trip to IKEA to choose /design madams bedroom furniture shoot me now! Enjoy your healthy breakfast & gym it’ll be good to get back to it.

That sounds nice, soon be the away day, we will have all this to look forward to and more…….

You on your back, me astride you facing away so you can see me rocking backwards & forwards along the length of your cock.

Me on my knees sucking & licking your hard shaft until until you come in my mouth!

Me on my back with your head buried, your tongue & fingers bringing me to orgasm!

A good nights sleep! A girl can dream. I can’t wait to have you inside me, it’s been so long I’ve missed you xxxx

I got up washed, dressed and went to ikea. Spent a completely long but incredible 3 hours in there! Organised Joy’s bedroom after a good look round with her choosing what she wanted. Once that was all ordered and paid for we went to eat in there. Ordinarily we’re in and straight out but we thought why not, we had nothing to rush back for! The food was really nice and saved me from cooking. Also last day of eating crap as I’m back on it tomorrow.

H: Ikea on a Sunday!!! You are officially mad xxx

A: Tell me about it. I’ve lost the will to live! Xxx

I’m at the dentist tomorrow so I’m working from home afterwards, managed to arrange for the furniture to be delivered tomorrow afternoon, it should arrive between 2 & 9pm so I’m hoping it arrives early so I can make the gym!

Got home and built my new drawers for my nail stuff and spent a few hours completing various challenges in readiness for the next few weeks. Had a very lazy afternoon and evening. Made dinner and went in the bath, it’s been another quiet no drama day. I messaged H to say goodnight as I was exhausted.

A: I’m exhausted babe after a 3 hour trip to ikea. Now bankrupt financially as well as emotionally 😂
Hope you’ve had a good day. I’m working from home tomorrow as I’m at the dentist at 9.30 for 2 fillings so if you want/get chance feel free



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