5th November

Had a good 4 hours sleep, think I cried myself out. I looked dreadful, all sallow eyed and very dark rings.

Dick got up fairly early and bought me up a coffee so I read some more of my book and chilled. I started reading the girl on the train yesterday at the spa, it’s really good. It’s a distraction from thinking that’s for sure.

Couldn’t decide on a day of action or day of being lazy, decided on the latter. Dick made breakfast so I got up and helped with that. Just me, Dick & Joy at home so it was nice to sit together and chat. She has a date today but she can’t really be arsed! Her words not mine, she says they’ve been friends for so long she doesn’t want to ruin it. She’s 16!!!! I told her that life was too short, as long as you remember you’re friends first then you’ve nothing to lose. Dick was ok, asked who it was and was relieved when she told him. He likes him he’s a good kid, it helps that he’s terrified of Dick & Frank too!

I’ve been really struggling with my stomach (TMI coming up) due to my medication. It has the unfortunate side effect of making me constipated. As we’d had an Indian the night before I did feel like my stomach might actually explode. Luckily it worked it’s magic and I was now an empty vessel. Relief at this fact I decided to share the news with Dick by singing “I’ve had a shit” to the music of Abba’s I had a dream as I walked into the lounge. I almost died of embarrassment to see his mum and dad sat there! Dad just said congratulations we’re very happy for you πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ – oh the shame! I hadn’t heard them arrive as I had music on and they weren’t expected to visit. Turns out they’ve decided to burn all the garden rubbish tonight and have a bonfire. Ok we’ll go to that, sounds fun. Oh. Can you buy some fireworks and sort the food as we’ll invite the family too! Piss taking or what? Dick said no problem he’ll sort the fireworks but catering will be difficult as I need to rest. I said it’ll be fine as we’ll just do the basics. Jacket potatoes with cheese, beans or tuna. Pork pie & peas, hot dogs & I’ll do a tuna pasta. Said we’d drop them off later and mum could throw them in the oven. Joy asked if she could bring her friend and grandad gave her the third degree about it but said yes of course.

We went and bought what we needed and dropped it all at mums, came home and I read more of my book and caught up with my friends. Very very lazy day, but definitely needed.

Frank came home from work then we all got ready and went to mums. Had a good night, everyone enjoyed themselves. Was only 12 of us so wasn’t too bad. Left them with the cleaning & washing up as I was totally shattered. Got home and everyone got showered or bathed and loaded the washer with the smoky clothes. I can’t stand the smell permeating the whole house.

Read some more of my book and went to bed.

Quiet day all round with no drama!


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