2nd November

A poor nights sleep again, so wound up still. I must get past all this woolly headed-ness and get my head back on straight. Everyone up and out of the house with minimum fuss thank god as I just couldn’t have coped after so little sleep and being quite fractious.

Work was ok, boring but ok. I met Karen for lunch and a catch up and she was as honest as always pointing out the blaringly obvious fact that I look like shit as my eyes are like two piss holes in the snow. Charming. But I love her for it. I told her about Steve’s impromptu visit and she laughed, she suggested I should give it whirl for old times sake as I definitely need a distraction and you can barely call what I have with Dick a marriage. I was surprised to hear her say that as I thought she’d be against affairs as her husband cheated on her so I was tempted to tell her about Harvey but I resisted. I don’t want anyone to know. The afternoon passed quickly. Dick called me to say he’d take me grocery shopping tonight – and they say romance is dead!

There was an issue regarding Harvey’s work email storage that I tried to sort but couldn’t, so I text him to tell him what happened, he said thanks and that he’d try to call before I left for the day.

I had to go to the GP for my blood pressure check as I’m away on Friday. Got yet another bollocking off the nurse. She’s got all the charm of a rattlesnake and the tact of a house brick. Told me that with my BP so high and blood count so low it’s a surprise I’m not hospitalised for my own safety. I’ve been warned before that I run a really high risk of stroke and she was the one that referred to me as “dead woman walking”. Nice!

Got home and went food shopping when Dick got back. It’s like one man went to work and a different one came back! The man was whistling in the car for fucks sake. He was playful and quite humorous too, almost like my husband before what ever bit him on the arse and changed his personality. We got home and once the shopping was away we sat down and he said he felt better, he didn’t know what had changed but he decided he was tired of being miserable and feeling angry all the time. He said he hoped I still wanted to do the spa day as it should be good. I said after the last few weeks I needed it too and was going whether we were talking or not. He said we’d make a day of it. Checked my email.

H: Evening Hun,
Sorry never managed to call, back home now and available to chat. Going back to the H at 8ish

Are you ok?


A: Hope things are going ok. I wasn’t expecting a call so no apology necessary, I’m fully aware you have your hands full and enough on already. Hope you’re taking care of yourself as well as Wife xxxx

H: I’m home now I managed to get the nurse to give her her meds early, it’s been a long week getting her acclimatised to the new ward…

How’s you? I’ve been playing the sensitive guy and not putting my depraved thoughts in print as it didn’t feel appropriate this week.. however I’ve been wanking myself to sleep every night thinking of ways to bring you off with my tongue and teeth never mind the new use I have for clothes pegs…..

Selfishly I only wanted to chat as I love to hear your voice, I hope to hear it tomorrow as I have a few hours off


A: Hope things settle down and you start to get into a routine that works for you both. I can’t imagine how hard it is for you all to have to manage this situation, I know it’s particularly hard for you as you’re not used to being someone’s carer and running a house too. Good to hear you’ve got some time to yourself tomorrow, I hope you get some well earned rest.
Thanks for being mr sensitive, it’s a surprise I’m not going to lie, I thought you were only here for the sex chat & photographs!! 😂 I know we’re friends first though so big thanks for the consideration.
I can’t seem to think straight and I managed to convince myself you were either too busy or too bored to engage so I apologise I didn’t think far enough to realise you were being considerate. Really pleased to hear I’m still on your mind but dreading to think what the hell you have in store for those clothes pegs………!
Happy to chat to you if you want to call tomorrow, I was worried you wanted to call as you think I need you too, when I don’t. I realise though now in my messed up, fucked up head I’ve managed to twist things around when there was no need to. Let me know when you’re free and I’ll make some time.
If you managed to read all this and stay awake well done !!
Sleep well, catch up tomorrow if we get chance xxxxxx

H: You forget I’m a simple person, I tell it straight, if I ever stop thinking about fucking you I will let you know.
Equally just ask what’s happening as second guessing is no good for anyone xxxxx
Look forward to hearing your voice tomorrow xxxxx

A: Fair enough but if you’re honest, even if this ended tomorrow it wouldn’t stop you thinking about fucking me!
I’m sure you have better things to think about rather than whether Ava is off her meds and insecure. I’m fine, this is what it is, it’s a great distraction but I’m out of sorts and it’s not working this week. You could’ve lavished me with attention, written pages of kink and I’d have still found something else to worry about. I’m good, just a little off my game.
Speak to you tomorrow, but if I don’t the world won’t end. I’ll still be here xxxxx

H: I understand xxxxxx and you’re right I’ll always thing about fucking you (hard) xxxxx

A: As I will you! It’s all good xxxxxxxx
Night babe sleep well xxxxx

H: Lol night night ❤️❤️
✊✊✊💦💦💦 thinking of us in 3 weeks.

A: You have no idea how much I need that release right now. Sweet dreams babe xxxxxx
Of me waking you with an amazing blow job 😘😘 ✊🏼💦💋 xxx

H: Xxxx enjoy its not long till Manchester xxxxxx

I went to bed happier getting that out and having a chat.


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