31st October

Happy Halloween!

What a day. First day back at school and work for us all. Dick was on early so he got up, showered, made enough noise to wake the dead then fucked off to work. Joy was anything but her name, she was, and has been all day, a fucking nightmare! Wouldn’t get up, the dawdled getting ready, had a meltdown when her make up went wrong! Work was a ball ache, my kids take the piss in spectacular fashion and I’ve lost the will to live. On a positive note we finally got Joy’s case back, thankfully my kind neighbour took it in for us but all kind of drama ensued when it appeared to have a different lock on, turns out it was the correct lock, but the casing had been damaged/fallen off/attempted broken. Luckily it’s back and nothing is missing but I do have a mountain of washing again. Kill me now!

Got back from work to find my house looking like a bomb had gone off in it. Joy had opened the case and left it smack bang in the middle of the lounge floor with everything everywhere. Her school bags & clothes were strewn all over the sofa & a plate of food casually left on the arm of said sofa at a jaunty angle so that the food was just waiting to jump off the plate.

She had gone to her friends Halloween party and I should’ve made her come home but I thought no, I’ll tell her how disappointed (fucking incandescent with rage!) I am, tell her she’s grounded tomorrow and throw all her shit in her bedroom. She then refused to answer texts or calls about getting home.

My brother rang to say the church had written to him to say they’re doing a service on 20th November whereby they read all the names out of the parishioners they’ve buried this year and obviously were invited as our mom will be honoured. I’ll be there of course, we will have a nice Sunday dinner out then go to church in the evening for the service. As luck would have it I’m already planned to be there anyway.

By 10 o’clock there was still no news from Joy. I’d checked find my iPhone and she was still at her friends house.  Frank came home and said he had offered to pick her up at 10.15 as he was passing on his way home and she refused and said he could either come back for her in 20 minutes or she’d walk. I don’t fucking think so sunshine! I messaged her to say set off now I’m walking up for you, I’ll meet you half way. No answer, so I got dressed as Frank came and asked me what I was doing and when said walking up for Joy he said he’d go get her. I told him no, she needed to learn a lesson but he told me he was going. He had a point though he has a car and there’s no point both of us walking when we don’t have to. He’s a good kid – I think we did ok with that one so far.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing because if I’d have known earlier just how pedantic she could be I’d have dragged her back here kicking and screaming at 5pm and saved myself the drama! She came back in a foul mood so she’s now grounded until she’s 27! I did not sign up for this shit!! I’m sure other stuff happened too but I’m still too ranty to think straight. I’ve just realised typing this I’ve had no tea! That won’t help my mood either, mind you I got weighed today and I’ve put 7lb on fucks sake so maybe it won’t do me any harm to miss a few meals! I’m going to have a glass of water and go to bed before my head explodes, I burst into tears or go for a walk and not come back!

Tomorrow will be a better day!


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