29th October

Posted yesterday’s blog and realised as soon as I went to bed that if Harvey read it, he’d possibly worry. I don’t know he if he would but I didn’t want to take the risk either so I emailed him to say Read me before the blog.

A: If you do read this post you need to know that I’m fine. I needed to empty my head and I’m in a better place than I was on Tuesday and although this week I will be probably not very communicable I will be ok xx

I was torn between telling him and making myself sound like a proper drama queen and not telling him and having him worry. First and foremost we’re friends so I thought it best I let him know. Went to bed and laid there for hours thinking over everything & nothing. Dick came to bed about 2am and I was still wide awake. He asked me why I couldn’t sleep so I told him I was struggling with so many things I wouldn’t know where to start. He cuddled up to my back and told me that I could talk to him if I wanted but knows he’s not the best listener. Understatement of the year award there as he went to sleep shortly afterwards. At least he offered and he kept me warm.

He got up before me once he was awake and made me a coffee and bought up a pain au chocolat with some painkillers. Occasionally he’s very good at knowing what I need. Once those had kicked in I got up and pottered about, Joy’s case had arrived back in the U.K. yesterday and it was supposed to be on an overnight courier today. Dick was going round to do some jobs at his mums & helping Frank replace his brakes on the car. I received a reply from Harvey.

H: Morning Babe,
I am glad you emptied your head I’m sure it helps, I wish I could write some inspirational magic words that would make it easier for you, the reality is I can’t we all know it’s going to be a difficult week to get through for you, use your family and friends as I know you will and we are all here to help you in our own way.
Stay strong xxxxxxxxxx

A: Thank you. Have a good day xxxxxx

H: Morning, I’m in the car for the next 40 mins if you fancy a chat xxxx

I didn’t see this until 30 minutes into the 40 he was free but I figured I’d call even if it was only short. It was good to catch up and hear his voice. Things are improving for his wife and that’s such good news. Fingers crossed she continues to do so. We talked about what we’d missed while I was away regarding our families etc. I’m eternally grateful he knows me well enough not to question how I was feeling after my post last night. He’s a good friend and I still maintain that that will always come first. He said he was looking forward to the away day in 3 weeks time and I said I was too, I really hope it comes off. He asked about my white bits and said if I was so inclined he’d love to see a photo, I told him it’ll be top only until I lose my tummy! We said goodbye as Dick was due back & he was off to do some work on his car. I finished the chores and read my book. I emailed Harvey.

A: Thanks for the chat, it’s good to talk!
Will see about photos later when I’ve had a bath you #dirtbag 😂
Enjoy the gearbox therapy xxxxx

Dick returned and I helped Joy get ready for her Halloween party.

We watched a film and ordered in pizza as it’s our last binge before we’re back on it.

Joy went off to her party, Frank went his friends and Jayne went into town with her cousin. Praying they all behave and don’t disturb me in the night. Had a really quiet nice watched 2 films and did my nails. Such a rock n roll life I lead on a Saturday night. Had a mare though as my phone keeps crashing and losing my emails & photos. Then if I take a photo it won’t load to Instagram, email or Facebook. Hoping it resets itself overnight through the cloud. Fucking technology! Dick went to pick up Joy from her party so I checked my emails.

H: My babe XXX

A: Do you mean night babe?
Xxx sorry no photos. Had issues with my phone all day. I did try though!
Hope you had a good day xxxxx

Bless him he’s either pissed or blind and can’t type or he thinks he’s emailed someone else 😂 That would be too funny!

Joys back and luckily not pissed which was my worst fear. She’s seriously underdressed though. 16, really pretty with a great figure & personality and she wonders why I stress when she leaves the house looking like a hooker! I now know why my mom was the way she was with me and I’m not half as pretty as Joy. It scares me.

H: Yes, but it works either way LOL xxx Yes I managed a couple of hours me time xxxxx

A: Clown. Don’t get sentimental on me, I prefer you hard not soft 😂😂 xx

H: Haha

A: You ok babe? Slightly pissed??

I’m sure all will be revealed tomorrow!



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