27th October

Went to bed and wasn’t awake long at all. I don’t even remember Dick coming to bed. I must’ve been out cold. Can’t beat being in your own bed after being away! I woke up at 4am and saw an email from Harvey.

H: Bed for me, xxxxx now xxxxxx hope you sleep. Can we speak tomorrow? Xxxxx

A: I’ve had a massive 3 hours!!
I’m sure we can talk, I’ll let you know when I’m alone and if the timings align we can chat xxxxxx

We all had a good lie in, although I was awake from 4 I laid in bed reading, it’s so unlike me ordinarily I’d be up unpacking cases, getting the washing on but the cases are still in the lounge & kitchen still with the locks on. Dick got up at 9am, he offered to bring me up a coffee but I said I was fine. I decided I’d stay home and make a start on the holiday unpacking & washing whilst Dick took Joy shopping for her clothes & make up essentials. I had put together a box of her favourite items for her birthday on Friday so gave her that early so she didn’t need to buy loads. I messaged Harvey.

A: Everyone’s gone off out to breakfast so I’m free to chat xxxxx

I then got a message from my friend Freya, I arranged to meet her for a catch up at lunch so I messaged Harvey in case he tried to call.

A: I can talk until 12.15 then I’m meeting freya for a catch up. Be nice to see her. Speak later if we don’t catch up this morning xxxx

Did some chores, unpacked, loaded the washer etc then went to meet Freya. So good to chat and catch up on what I’d missed. It seems a lot longer than 10 days since I’d seen her! Got back and emailed Harvey to tell him I was free.

A: I’m back And still alone if you want to call. I’ll email again when I can’t talk.
Not the end of the world if we don’t get to chat. All is good this end!

Dick & Joy returned from shopping loaded with bags galore, she certainly knows how to work her dad that’s for sure! He’s such a soft touch with the kids, so spoiled both of them! I messaged Harvey (again!) to tell him I can’t talk.

A: can’t talk now, hope you’re ok and not got headache after your trip to the pub xxxx

We decided to nip to the shops for basics as with going away we needed shopping. Logged on to see replies from Harvey.

H: I can call in 10

H: Called and got vm

H: I’ll call later, but will email first xxx

A: I emailed to say I couldn’t talk. I’m guessing you rang my work phone as this didn’t ring. Unlikely to be free later sorry xxxx

H: Can speak when you can, give me a bell if it’s convenient xxxxx

A: Is everything ok?? Xx

H: Yes driving now if you want to chat

H: Back at the H now, was Freya ok?

I was a bit concerned that he seemed to have a real need to speak to me. I’d made it clear I couldn’t talk but he obviously hadn’t read the email properly, then when I said I wouldn’t be free later he still made it obvious he wanted to chat. All very strange!

A: She’s ok. All good there?

H: I hope to chat tomorrow.
Things are good here wife is improving.
Has the missing luggage turned up yet?

A: I’m unlikely to be free at all tomorrow. It’s Joy’s birthday so we’re going out with her & 5 of her friends. They’re seeing a movie & going to Nando’s. I’ll message if I get a window but no doubt we’ll miss each other again. Her luggage is in Palma still and is being delivered to me at work Monday.
Glad to hear slight improvement with Wife xxxx

H: No problem, enjoy the day xxxx

A: You still haven’t told me why you need to talk to me, are you sure everything is ok or is it literally because you want a chat?

H: Just a chat and to hear your voice xxxxx

A: Anyone would think you missed me 😂
As long as you’re ok babe xxxx

H: Me ….. never ……
it’s all good at this end, have a good party tomorrow xxxxxx

A: If you say so mate 😂

H: 😍😍😍

A: ✊🏼✊🏼✊🏼💦💦 😂

I spent the night doing my nails for various challenges so it passed pretty quickly. Dick was the other end of the craft table doing some fishing bits, Joy had gone out to a scare fest with her friend & his family and Frank was out too so we spent a quiet night attending to ourselves. Things are calm, we’re cordial & civil so that’s good. I still don’t know what will happen, I will wait and see. We have a spa day booked for next week on the anniversary of our daughters birth/death so it’s going to be very strange if we’re not talking by then. I don’t want to think about that tonight though, it’s Joy’s birthday tomorrow so I’ll concentrate on that.

H: You know me too well xxxx

A: Indeed I do xxx

H: In my mind that your face I’ve just cum over xxxx

A: Glad to be of service 😘 xx

I sent that and came to bed. Tired dot com this evening!



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