26th October

I was still wide awake at 3.30 so decided I’d better try and get some sleep. I saw an email from Harvey.

H: Night babe xxxxx
Just read your blog, any man who compliments you in front of his wife is a worry! I’m on Dick’s side…..
#swingers lol xxxxx

A: You’re an idiot too! I compliment people without wanting to fuck them.
However that being said you can be quite jealous too – which under our circumstances is hilarious!

Finally got a brief sleep, alarm went off so I showered, dressed & packed the remaining things from last night. Dick checked on the kids progress and got me a coffee. Whilst waiting for the kids to finish getting ready he tried to engage me in conversation but to be honest it was early, I was tired and frankly sick of having the same conversation every two days. I repeated what I’d said 2 days ago, let’s get the holiday out of the way first. I am quite adept at putting on a face in front of the world and my kids so let’s just leave it. He said he doesn’t know whether to go or whether to try, I told him it’s his decision. I’m past the point of caring one way or another and I mean it. I can carry on regardless but it’ll be a marriage in name only, it suits me to keep the family together if he can be civil. Other alternative is he goes, no harm, no foul we just tell people it’s come to an end, there’s no one else involved which is true. (Well it’s true for me, it won’t change my relationship with Harvey – that’s a purely friends with benefits situation!) I don’t want to be with anyone that’s the truth. But ultimately you can’t mess with free will (Morgan Freeman taught me that in Bruce Almighty!) and if Dick wants to go then he should, end of!

All checked out and boarded the coach to the airport, all stress free. Checked in and was given exit row seat so that was a bonus! I didn’t feel the need to tell them Joy & Katie were only 15 otherwise we’d have been moved. Nice stress free journey back to the U.K.

Until the carousel delivered all our luggage except Joy’s! Cue massive sobbing teenager as all her make up is in her case, comfy underwear & pjs and a dress she’s bought to wear to her birthday party on Friday. She’s also had to admit my policy of splitting everyone’s clothes across all the cases is the best plan. Sod’s law that the first time she insists on her own case it gets lost! Spoke to the airport who have said they’ll track it down and deliver it to me. Dick hugged her and promised her a spending spree tomorrow to buy new stuff so that made her smile. Bless her she’s had such a week, trapped in a lift, stung by a jellyfish and now lost her case, not to mention my ghd’s for fucks sake.

We got home, threw the cases in the house and went to a local carvery to finish the holiday.

H: Morning xxxxx I still think you missed out on a 3 way or a bit of wife swapping xxxxx

A: He was really fit too damn! Mind you I don’t think they’d have been impressed with their swap 😂😂
Arrived back in one piece xxx

H: God where did that week go!!

A: Too quickly!
Joy’s case is missing though and so upset bless her. It’ll turn up I’m sure. If not she’ll get new make up. She’s more upset she bought a gorgeous dress to wear on her birthday. There’s still time but it’s unlikely I grant you 😒 Xxx

Had a good meal and took my mother & father in law so they could catch up & see the kids. It was nice to see them too, if Dick & I go our seperate ways I will really miss them, they’ve never once made me feel like an in law.

Got home and it’s freezing. Put the heating & hot water on as I couldn’t wait for my bath! Could not get warm at all, I read on the sofa while Dick watched tv. I’d changed into pjs, bath robe & slippers and still couldn’t get warm. He went and bought me down a blanket when he went to the toilet and sat next to me and offered to warm me. When he does stuff like that I’m reminded that he does have the ability to be a nice caring person, it’s just a shame the majority of the time he’s a grade a arsehole!!

H: Gosh she’s had an eventful holiday! How’s you? I’ve escaped for the evening and I’m if to the pub for a meal and a pint xxxxxxx

A: She has indeed! Glad you’ve escaped you deserve a night off. Enjoy the pub. I’m ok, tired but ok. Looking forward to a nice hot bath & early night in my own bed, bliss xxxxxx

H: Night night sweet dreams xxxx

A: I’ll not sleep but thanks for the sentiment! Enjoy the pub xxx

I had a bath and finally warmed up. Watched tv while I dried my hair and had a very early night.



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