25th October

Woke up really early, did think about putting the towels out but thought fuck it I can’t be arsed. Dick woke up soon afterwards and went to put them out himself. Went down to breakfast together as the kids were wanting a lie in. I told Dick that I was seriously unimpressed with yesterday’s behaviour and I needed some time to myself, told him I was going for a walk and I’d be back for lunch. I got my over shoulder small bag carrying my purse, phone and headphones and set off.

Walked for just over an hour up the coast, stoppped a few times to take photos and have a rest. Did me the world of good to just have a time out. Considered getting a taxi back but decided walking would be better for the waistline and I might work up an appetite for some lunch. I checked my email and saw one from last night from Harvey.

H: night night babe xxxxx

A: Back on it! Been for a massive walk this morning so feel much better for it.
Hope you have a good day xxxx

Got back to the hotel and everyone was still in their room. The girls were packing in readiness of leaving the hotel at 6.45 the next day. So proud of them they’ve kept their room immaculate and so grown up to be so forward thinking. We had lunch together then sat by the pool. Dick & I read books while the kids enjoyed a last pool day. He’s not said a single word to me other than asking me when I got back if I was ok and if I’d be in a better mood now? 😡 Arsehole.

It went really overcast so Dick went up to shower while I stayed with the girls. Had a pleasant time catching up and chatting with them. Katie thanked me for bringing her away with us and said she’d had a great holiday. We had a good laugh too, they are very funny together.

Got showered and went back to the room and packed everything that wasn’t needed in readiness for tomorrow. I got dressed for our last dinner of the holiday. Didn’t overdo it though as I’m determined not to put on anymore weight! We all enjoyed tonight’s meal and was looking forward to the planned entertainment of Tina Turner tribute but sadly she cancelled and in her place we had the bee gees tribute. 2 of them, hilarious! Honestly they were so bad they were good. “Barry” couldn’t stick to his range and it was painful. “Maurice/Robin” was no better bless him, but spurred on by the crowd a good night was had by all. One of the best laughs of the night came from their frequent attempts to get the crowd involved by getting them to sing along. Part way through “words” he stopped singing and the only other person singing was Dick. To give him his due he carried on regardless and got a round of applause. Kids were not amused and called it a night as we needed to be up early for our collection from the hotel at 6.30am. We stayed a bit longer as we got friendly with a family on the next table and had a good laugh. Had a good cheesy singalong and even danced! Which considering I’d had no alcohol is a first for me. I love singing but it frustrates me that I’m so shit at it but after having people (drunk people mainly!) tell me that I have a great voice I’ve decided to look into vocal coaching as I need a hobby. The act finished and we called it a night.

Set the alarm & checked my emails.

H: Night babe, sweet dreams xxxxx

A: Night babe xxx

Settled down with my book while Dick slept.


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