24th October

Back to the room and Dick was soon asleep, I laid there for a while and drifted off eventually. Awoke early and Dick decided to go put the towels out early so he could pick the best beds, honestly you think the Germans are bad, Dick turns it in guerilla warfare 🙈 First class arsehole!

I saw a reply from Harvey to my underwear photo.

H: looking mighty fine xxxx

I decided to go in and delete his emails as he always forgets. I noticed he hadn’t read the one from the day before entitled alone so I re-sent it:

A: I deleted your inbox.
You missed one:
Back in the room by myself on the bed on my back. Your fingers stroking me all over massaging as you go. You pinch my nipples hard and suck them in turn so they’re stood out for you to lick. Kissing me you turn me over and massage my back, your fingers stroking my buttocks and gently glide over my arse. You tell me to get on my knees and lean forward……..

Dick was in a foul mood when he returned from putting the towels out. I asked him was had happened and he said nothing I’m fine. I beg to differ but left him to it. Went to breakfast and he was quiet and didn’t say a lot. I planned to go buy some perfume but the girls didn’t want to come with me. After breakfast I got myself sorted and went to head off to the shops. Dick said he didn’t want me going on my own, when I told him that was ridiculous he said he’d noticed how tired I was and that he saw me stumble last night as we headed back to the room! For fucks sake I had a really long dress on that I caught on my heel as I stood, I was neither too knackered or pissed to stand. I’ve not had a single alcoholic drink the entire time I’ve been here. Bearing in mind I’m the one going to the bar all the time you’d think if he was that fucking bothered he’d make sure he went instead of me!! I told him he was welcome to come with as I can’t be trusted. We went shopping, not holding hands, not talking! I decided if he wanted to play the part of the great protector then that’s fine, walk behind me like a guard! Bought a bottle of romance by Ralph Lauren as it always reminds me of summer & holidays, I bought a bottle of escada turquoise summer – Dick made the mistake of saying it was too sweet and he didn’t like it – so of course I had to have it, I’m so pedantic when I’m pissed off. They also had Elizabeth Arden 8 hour gift set on offer so I bought that too. He asked me if I could help him find new aftershave while we were there. I pointed him in the direction of Mont Blanc legend knowing he’d like it, he agreed it’s very him so we got that too. I love spice bomb by viktor & Rolf but he hates it. I remember Harvey wore it at the Christmas meal with work, way back when none of this was on my radar! Dick apologised on the way back and I told him to save his breath. We’d get through the holiday and sort it when we get home. To be fair he was chatty and did try but I couldn’t be arsed.

Got back to the hotel and spent the day at the pool with the kids & Dick joined us too. There was a young couple on the next beds to us with a baby and toddler. We got chatting and the mum said she loved my tattoo and was sad I’d covered it up today as I was wearing a swimsuit instead of a bikini. I explained it was only a temporary one for a joke and she said it looked quite realistic. Her husband said she should get one too, so Joy bought some down from her room and they all had a laugh covering each other in temporary tattoos. When asked why I was wearing a swimsuit and not my bikini I replied that I’ve eaten so much I look ridiculous in a bikini and her husband told me that was stupid, I had a great figure and shouldn’t hide it. I pointed out I was 45 and too old for that. They were both really lovely and said I didn’t look my age and they couldn’t believe we’d been married 25 years. They were a lovely couple and honestly very complimentary and sweet. Dick suddenly got very shirty and told me he didn’t like the way the husband spoke to me about my figure & age. Great time for the jealousy to kick in, he’s sat with his wife and being nice, certainly not making a pass or being flirty. What a twat, he then walks off and comes back with a pint. Nothing for anyone else just him, very quietly I told him he was a selfish prick and could’ve bought me one back too. He then said really loudly if you want a drink go get one, drink yourself into an early grave if you want. I was really shocked but I hid it well by saying no babe, I don’t want an alcoholic drink, just a Fanta and laughed. Decided I’d had enough for one day so came up to the room to shower.

I checked my emails and Harvey had replied.

H: Pulling your hair back the tip of my cock pressing on your tight ring, forcing my way inside slowly making you gasp as I build up a faster rhythm, you reach behind and gently squeeze my balls as I cum in your arse…..

A: Yes please. Can you be here in fifteen minutes 😂 sitting on your face with your tongue darting in and out, licking & biting my clit while you squeeze my nipples until I scream!
I need fucking, I’m not going to lie. I’m in a foul mood and that would just about put a smile on my face!

H: You could suck me hard so I could fuck your clit with your legs over my shoulders, dipping in and out of you to keep you wet xxxxx Why the bad mood? You ok?

A: I’m fine babe just Dick being a twat as per usual. Situation normal. Someone paid me a compliment and instead of being gracious as he was next to me, he decided to be an arsehole. His loss!
I’m so sick of eating now. All my hard work is ruined as I’ll bet I’m bigger than before I started the gym! Roll on Wednesday night when I’m home and I can start again!
You ok? Xxxx

Really hoping you can make the team away day! Start planning now…….
4 weeks will soon fly if we have something to look forward to xxxxxx

H: Sounds like a plan, I’m on it xxxxx

A: Too fucking right! 😂 xxxxxx

We all got showered & ready and ate dinner together. I wasn’t really hungry so didn’t eat much.

The kids went and played pool outside while I sat in the bar on the big comfy sofa. Dick joined me and we sat there in silence reading. There was a quiz as entertainment so the kids wanted to enter that. 20 questions and we got 19 out of 20 and won, the only question we got wrong was how many James Bond movies were filmed in black & white? The answer is none in case you’re ever asked that question! Went back to the room and I read on the balcony until Dick fell asleep.



One thought on “24th October

  1. I love reading about ur married life as well as the noty bits between u and lover. Married life is like this for the majority of people. Its real life. I bet lover and family have the same issues. Love reading u


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