23rd October

Slept a little better and woke up early and read outside on the balcony. Harvey had replied to my email.

H: Night babe, catch you tomorrow xxxx

Once everyone was awake we went to breakfast together. I really must stop eating! I’m already struggling to get in my clothes. The kids planned a chill out pool day so Dick & I went on a walk to the beach. It’s so beautiful and one of the best on the island by all accounts. Sad though as we walked hand in hand that to the outside world we seem so happy & together. It is what it is and it’s working for now. He took a few selfies and posted them on Facebook – it’s so easy to fool the world. Went on a mission to buy perfume as I’d only packed my travel bottle and it’s almost empty. No Joy though as the shops are closed as it’s Sunday for fucks sake!

Got back and got our stuff together for the pool and saw another email from Harvey.

H: Morning Babe,

Woke up hard after dreaming of you…
Across my knee wearing exquisite underwear your stocking clad legs dangling to the floor, you haven’t been especially Bad but I spank your arse lightly, stopping only to dip fingers inside you to check your wetness, the harder I spank the wetter you get. Pulling you knickers to one side I finger fuck you to a quick O……

A: Nice dream!
That sounds agreeable.
Slipping off my knickers to bury your face in my slit, your tongue probing where you just expertly bought me to orgasm. I get up and push you to the chair, kissing you and removing your clothes as we go. I tell you to hold my pony tail as I give you the head you enjoy so much. My tongue licking the length of your shaft as I tickle your balls with my nails. You push my head down and fuck my mouth, me sucking and biting gently until you come and I swallow it all just how you like me to…….!

We finally had decent enough weather to bake by the pool. Joy had bought me a temporary tattoo for a joke to wear under my bikini top.



Dick’s face when I took off my wrap to reveal that was a picture. He really wasn’t impressed. I planned to take it off straight away as I didn’t want weird tan lines but his attitude pissed me off so I left it on a few hours. The kids thought it looked cool though. I did my nails on the sunbed and listened to music on my phone. I sent Harvey a photo of it.

Got back to the room to shower & decided to remove the temporary tattoo. Jesus what a ball-ache that was. Practically had to scrub the damn thing off with my nails & a bottle of shower gel & flannel! Got it off though but miss it already. Sent my friend the tattoo artist a photo saying I’d really like it but she said there’s no way I’d sit for it – the placement is very painful 😏

Dick went for a walk to the shops to pick up water & snacks and my thoughts turned to Harvey and his email from earlier. I got myself off and sent him an email.

A: Back in the room by myself on the bed on my back. Your fingers stroking me all over massaging as you go. You pinch my nipples hard and suck them in turn so they’re stood out for you to lick. Kissing me you turn me over and massage my back, your fingers stroking my buttocks and gently glide over my arse. You tell me to get on my knees and lean forward……..

I had a bit of an issue getting ready as I’d bought new white underwear to wear under tonight’s dress. It was a bit too tight under the boobs. I sent Harvey a photo.

I got ready as Dick returned. We went to tea & then to the bar. Actually had another good night. The entertainment wasn’t brilliant but the girls throughly enjoyed it and joined in singing along. They ended up as backing singers and enjoyed many compliments from the hotel guests. Joy had put the feathers from her drinks in her hair  and before the end of the night she’d amassed 25 fucking feathers from guests that saved them for her. The joys. Night over we all went back to our rooms.


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