22nd October

Went straight to bed and got a few hours sleep before the storm hit. Thunder, lightning & very heavy rain not to mention wind whistling round the complex. Not conducive to a good night sleep!! Laid there and dozed off and on, Dick slept through it all as usual. Everyone surfaced as we agreed to meet at 9.30 for breakfast.

I checked my emails and I still hadn’t heard from Harvey. I thought it was strange so I checked his emails and they had been read but not replied to. I wondered what was going on as it’s so unlike him not to check in. I had a debate with myself whether to leave him to it or check so I went with the latter. There could be a myriad reasons why but I wanted to know. His wife could’ve deteriorated, he could just have been busy or he could be deliberately avoiding me. All of which is possible & understandable but I find it hard to see how he can log on and read and not even give a simple reply. I sent him a simple email entitled worried.

A: Is everything ok? A simple yes or no will be fine. I appreciate you have your hands full but it’s not like you not it message for so long.
I hope things are ok xxx

Had breakfast & made plans for the day. Kids were off to the beach again & Dick was walking to the next resort. I advised them all it was going to rain but they went on regardless. Told Frank to watch the girls and I stayed in the hotel. Read my book, typed my post & listened to music. Bliss!

Dick came back and we walked to the beach to find the kids. We located them and found a sunbed and chilled. That lasted all of 10 minutes before Joy got stung by jellyfish on her back. Poor girl had a massive welt on her back. I looked online and contrary to the friends episode it’s not advisable to urinate on it! It said to give paracetamol or ibuprofen for the pain and to use heat to lessen the soreness of the sting. We packed up and headed back to the hotel. As we walked back she seemed ok in herself. She showered and said it felt better but couldn’t wear a bra due to it being across her back so didn’t know what to wear. I told her to wear a halter neck dress with no bra and she laughed and told me she wasn’t a slut! Dick told her that she obviously didn’t take after her mother!!! Nice, luckily he’s right so I can’t exactly complain.

Received a reply from Harvey.

H: Things are fine and dandy at this end, I thought you might not want the coms to continue whilst you were away with family?
Hope you are getting enough victims in D, I look forward to seeing your white bits soon xxxxx

A: Glad to hear things are fine. Comms are fine but if you’d rather not that’s fine too xxx

H: I’m happy for coms, how’s the weather?

A: Overcast and we had a massive storm early hours but from tomorrow it’s sunny again so fingers crossed?
How’s Wife any update? Plus did you see Nigel yesterday?

H: Yes I saw Nigel, I took him on to the ward to see wife as it was lunch time and I had to feed her, she is much the same with minute movement of fingers and a bit of shoulder shrugging, her core strength is returning and she sat in a wheel chair yesterday, so all is good just painfully slow

A: Sounds like she’s improving even if only slowly xxxx

Once the kids were all washed & dressed we had some lunch and it absolutely threw it down! Went in the bar after lunch & played cards for a few hours before we had to get dinner for tea. Went back to the room to chill & read for a bit.

Harvey replied.

H: She is, I’m just taking her a Pizza Hut takeaway to cheer her up.
What’s on the menu for you tonight?
Are you all playing nicely?

A: It must be a relief to be able to eat properly. Many brownie points will be earned I’m sure.
Too much choice as the restaurant is amazing!! Trying to be good but failing miserably.
All good so far, had deep meaningful conversation the other day (it’s all on the blog!) so it’ll be fine for 3 days then will return to normal!

Joy got stung by a jellyfish today so she’s not had a great day, especially after getting stuck in the lift the other night 😏 poor kid.
Have a good night xxxxxx

Had tea with Dick, Joy & Katie as Frank said he & Jayne would come down later. When they arrived it was obvious they’d had some row. She sat with us & Frank stormed off. Deep joy and not what anyone needed. She then went up to her room and when Frank came back he joined her upstairs. The entertainment was shocking so we all had an early night. Joy was still in some discomfort from her sting.

Came back to the room and chilled before bed. Frank & Jayne were talking on the balcony so we will see if they get sorted! Made sure Joy was comfortable then headed to bed.


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