21st October

Slept better thank god! Think the tiredness finally took over and the nap in the afternoon kick started the sleep. I was worried that it would mean I’d have another crap night but I’m so pleased I got some rest!

Up and had breakfast with Dick and the kids. They decided they wanted to do some more shopping so Dick tagged along with them. I really wasn’t bothered for going so said I’d go tidy the room & have a shower. It’s also good for me to get some time to myself. I read my book on the balcony in peace & quiet & typed up yesterday’s post.

When they returned we decided to have a pool day as it had warmed up considerably since yesterday.

Had a good day, nice family time which is what we need. Who knows how much more of these times we will have? The kids are growing up and they won’t want to come with us much longer I fear. After a while the kids decided they fancied a trip to the beach so the four of them set off and Dick & I read in peace on our sunbeds. They came back and jumped straight in the pool! Now they’re growing up it’s amazing to see them interact with each other. They’re closer now than when they were younger too. It’s so funny to watch Frank tell Joy her top is too low or shorts too short but it’s also fun to watch him push her in the pool like they’re 8 & 11 again. So far it’s been ideal. Sitting by the pool I heard a song that suits me perfectly. Unstoppable by Sia link to yesterday’s post isΒ Song for Ava

We finished by the pool and came to our rooms to get ready for tea. I caught a little bit of sun but not loads so after my shower I applied dry body oil and laid on the bed whilst it soaked in & Dick showered. He came out and asked why I was lying on the bed in my underwear. I explained that I could hardly walk on the balcony in my underwear to wait for it to dry and he agreed. He told me I still have a good chassis for my age and he likes the new underwear. He came and laid next to me and kissed me. One thing lead to another and we had sex. Not heart stopping exciting sex but the mechanics worked and we both came. I don’t know if he did it because he wanted to or if he felt he had to. I’ve given up trying to work out what goes on in his head and it certainly wasn’t the time to discuss it. I cleaned myself up and got dressed.

Had a really great night. The food is amazing so my plan to just have soup went out the window. My healthy eating is not working here! I only had a snack at lunch though so I figured I could justify lamb rump, mash potatoes, vegetables and minted gravy! πŸ™ˆ I resisted dessert- but only just! We played cards in the bar until it was time for the entertainment. Tonight was three girls doing covers of various songs and I have to say they were pretty good. I’m not sure Frank enjoyed it but the girls were clapping and singing along to Motown, pop & rock classics. Joy & Katie are both keen singers and often sing in school productions together so when Proud Mary came on they went for it, dancing & singing along so funny! After the entertainment had finished it was karaoke time so we decided to call it a night but not before one of the girls from the show came over to chat to us. She was from Sheffield and very lovely, she said she wanted to meet us as she loved watching the girls when she was on the stage and that she hopes they never lose their enthusiasm. We stayed a bit longer so the girls could do a few numbers. I got roped in at one point and it was hilarious, I can’t sing at all, I can barely carry a tune but I do love to sing. I got very brave as Joy had requested One & only by Adele and not told me. I tried to refuse but in the end I thought fuck it no one knows me I’ll get away with it. I sang my little heart out and expected abuse from the family but I was surprised to hear clapping & cheering. The girls from the show were really lovely and said I had a beautiful voice (pissed all of them by the way). I still can’t believe I did it and I can’t believe Joy picked that song, she said she hears me sing it in the bath and she loves to hear me sing when I think no ones listening. She added however that she asked if they had “I like it heavy” by Halestorm as she thinks that’s my best song πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ good job really as I’m not sure the resort is ready for those kind of lyrics!! Just after midnight we called it night and came to bed. There’s a storm predicted for Saturday so I’ve no idea what we’ll do!


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