18th October

Busy day today! Got everyone up and out to work & school. I booked today off so I could get various jobs done before I go away, last minute shopping bits etc & the added bonus of a catch up with Harvey!

Once everyone had left I sent him an email.

A: I don’t know what time you’ll see this but I’m home alone before I go shopping. Just an idea so if you want to ‘see bits of me’ before you see me later I can FaceTime……….!
Bad Ava xxxxxxxxx

H: Just taking son to college on a driving lesson then straight to the H

A: It was a good idea at the time!
See you later babe xxx

I don’t think it would’ve killed him to put some kisses on there but realised he’s sat next to his son so I should be grateful he even replied!!

Decided if there was no show to perform I’d use the bullet he bought me to get myself off, but not before sending him a photo of it in my hand.

A: playtime for one. Thank you for the gift that keeps on giving 😘 xxx

Attended to my needs, did a short video of myself fingering my clit to send to Harvey and got ready to crack on with the cleaning. Figured I’d shower later before I left to meet him! Put all the stuff on the bed ready for packing. Got my underwear out and added that to the pile. Nice bright colours! I received a text from Dick asking me if I’d got out bed!! I sent him a photo of the current pile on the bed and he replied that he liked my underwear and he was now sporting a ‘semi’ – that is incredibly out of character for him so I was torn between exploring that further or ignoring it completely. I decided on the on the former. I sent him a photo of some things I’d ordered online and asked him if I should pack it? (I sent him the stock photo not of the actual items!) I did take a photo of me wearing the items but wasn’t brave enough to do that as I thought it might alert suspicion. I’d show Harvey later 😂. He replied yes have you got it and I lied as he’d definitely smell a rat. Left the conversation there and finished getting stuff together.

Got showered & changed and headed into town to collect my parcel & buy last minute holiday bits. I chose a short patterned skirt, grey buttoned cardigan, stockings, ankle boots, scarf & grey coat.

I went to pick my parcel up from m&s and as I was going up the stairs the lady behind me stopped me as I got to the top to say she hoped I didn’t mind but she could see my stocking tops as I climbed ☺️ I thanked her, told her I wasn’t a hooker and walked away. A bit ashamed if I’m honest. So any way decided I’d buy a new coat instead of tights while I was there! Gave the nice man behind the counter the coat I was wearing for the oxfam collection box behind him! Then as I was coming out the store wearing it I walked into the same woman and she practically pissed herself laughing. Said that it was better and he’s a lucky man, winked and walked off 😉😂😂

I decided to pop for a coffee while I waited for Harvey. He rang and said he was 20 minutes away, he picked me up, gave me a brief kiss as I got in the car and we drove to a hotel for a drink. It’s a hotel we use frequently for work but I was fairly sure we’d be ok and we were. He kissed me properly as soon as we were parked. We decided to have a drink and make a plan, he held my hand as we left the car though, almost on auto pilot, but thought it was best we didn’t risk it!

He had a Beer & I had a lemonade. We sat next to each other on a very comfy sofa, it was comfortable being together no awkwardness or weirdness at all. We both know exactly what this is and we’re totally on the same page. We kissed, but nothing more outrageous than me stroking his face, or him stroking my leg as we were in a very public setting and we both agreed we looked very much like two people not married to each other! He appeared to be looking at me with a weird look on his face, I told him to stop it as I had sacrificed putting make up on as I didn’t want it to transfer to him. He told me I looked fine and I told him he needed his eyes testing! He got a little brave and told me off, told me I need to learn to accept a fucking compliment! He’s very sweet, which is surprising really. Not because he’s a horrible person but because this is just what it is, its a distraction and it’s not real but it’s nice that he still thinks something of me enough to be sweet. Worry not though, I’m not falling for him, he’s a great laugh, an excellent fuck and we get on really well but we’re both aware it could end at any point. I do think though that when that day comes we will part as friends. I certainly hope so, he has enough dirt on me to ruin me professionally 😂😂

We decided to drive somewhere deserted like last time so we could be a little more hands on. We eventually found somewhere ideal, out of the way so we pulled up and got busy. As he unbuttoned my cardigan someone walked their dog but luckily he’d parked strategically enough that we could see in front & behind. As soon as the coast was clear hands were everywhere, I asked him to unbutton his jeans so I could get to him properly as I was leaning over his hands were inside me and he told me to remove my knickers which I did. I remembered the video I’d taken this morning and gave him that to watch as I sucked & licked his hard cock, his fingers getting me wetter & wetter and we both came. I swallowed like the bad girl I am and he was very happy. Literally not even 30 seconds after we’d finished Joy called my mobile. I did a great job of convincing her I was still in town. We sorted ourselves out, straightened our clothes and he set off to drop me off.  As he pulled in I showed him the photo of me in the underwear I’d taken that morning, he was speechless but on reflection I’m not sure it was because he was pleased. He said you are …………. he didn’t finish what he was going to say so I suggested awesome? I kissed him and left. Finished my shopping and went home to pack.

A: Packed finally! All ready to go but not before I tell you I had a nice afternoon. Thank you for taking time out of your very busy day to come and see me. I don’t take it for granted and fully appreciate it. I especially appreciated the fumble in the car, on a public footpath during the day. Very, very dark horse you are Harvey, but I wouldn’t have you any other way. Except naked, always naked if it’s an option. You seemed to stop yourself from saying whatever you planned to at when you dropped me off and I showed you the photo. I finished it for you as you seemed lost for words. You are……… I suggested awesome, but you didn’t finish. I hope the photos & videos weren’t too much. In retrospect I’ve shared so much already that maybe I’ve gone too far. I’m sorry if I did. This is all completely new to me and although I’m enjoying myself I’ll tone it down if need be. Anyway I’m rambling and I should be just saying bye.
I’ll break another rule while I’m at it, yes I will miss you, I’ll miss our catch ups & conversations because you make me smile. I’ll email where I can and please keep me updated with the situation if you can.
Take care of yourself & make sure you get a break when you can.
I’ll catch up as and when.

Dick came home in a much better mood I might add. I was upstairs sorting the toiletries out when he came up and told me that the photo I sent him was all it took to put a smile on his face. He hoped I’d ordered it as he can’t wait to see me in it. I asked him if he’d had some kind of breakdown as yesterday his wedding ring was off and wasn’t going back on and today he wants to see me in underwear. He apologised again and said he doesn’t know what do. I know he’s struggling, we both do as the anniversary of our daughters birth/death approaches. I gave him a hug and told him that life is too short to be unhappy. We either need to make this work or end it for good. I told him honestly that I didn’t care enough one way or the other. Whatever decision he makes will be what it will be. He said let’s go on holiday and see how it goes. I have warned him though I’m not putting up with it. I’m on holiday with the kids and Joy’s friend, if he feels like he’s going to lose it he needs to walk away and he agreed. After that everything settled down, and everyone had an early night. I wasn’t at all sleepy so I stayed up and packed the hand luggage and did my nails. As I was typing this up I received a response from Harvey.

H: Night babe, the pleasure was all mine xxxxx
I was going to say insatiable but then fucking gorgeous came to mind then you suggested awesome ……
You haven’t gone too far…. keep it up I like it xxxx
Catch you later, have a good week and enjoy, play nicely you might be surprised xxxx

A: Night babe. I can assure you the pleasure was shared!
Thank you, I’m glad you like it. I’m having an amazing time.
Ps I hate surprises 😂

H: Should have said that the stockings were awesome and such a welcome surprise xxxxxx

A: I thought you needed something to make you smile. The woman in m&s certainly smiled 😂 just typing up the blog now smiling xxxxxxxxx

H: I would like a copy of the photo you showed me when I dropped you off
Xxxxx night night

A: The red & black underwear or the one with my hands in my pants??

H: Both, but the one with your hands in pants has just given me a happy ending ……. night night asleep in 5 4 3 2

A: Have we forgotten our manners??
And I’m glad you got another happy ending today 😘😘😘

I sent him them anyway. I cropped my head off the photo though and now my body looks weird & fat. But I can’t put that as he’ll tell me it doesn’t and then I’ll be pissed off he’s lied. With that sent, this typed up I’m off to bed. I’ll be up in just over 2 hours!


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