16th October

It’s entirely possible that I fell straight to sleep. Exhausted after such a long but amazing day. Dick came to bed at the same time so there was nothing to disturb me. I woke up at 7am as I heard Frank get up to take his girlfriend to work. I stayed in bed until 10.30 just chilling. Dick had got up and pottered about. I had planned to do so much today but really couldn’t be arsed.

Harvey had emailed me in the early hours to say his wife had suffered another set back so I replied to say they were all in my thoughts. It’s so sad and must be incredibly frustrating for her. I do feel bad about her situation, and it does upset me when I think about how awful it must be for them all, but I’m also grateful that I have the relationship I have with Harvey as I can be here for him as a friend. I think if we hadn’t gone down this path before this all happened I wouldn’t hear from him and I’m not sure who he’d talk to. It’s not just sex for either of us I’ve realised, it’s a genuine friendship which will always come first.

I finally dragged my arse out of bed and had a bath and started my pre holiday pamper preparation! Shaved, plucked, exfoliated my skin to shiny, healthy looking goodness. Ready for some sunshine. I did think about sending Harvey a photo but thought it wasn’t really appropriate given the current crisis he’s dealing with. I was thinking about him though as I checked I was totally hair free! My fingers probing round my slit checking for hairs. My nipples immediately got hard so I got myself off imagining it was Harvey’s hands doing all the work! I got out of the bath, towelled myself off and emailed him.

A: Just attended to my pre holiday ritual of total pamper. Completely shaved now and couldn’t help but think of you. Your tongue licking my slit, your fingers holding me open so you can bury your face in me. Your other hand reaching up to pinch my nipples making me arch my back. My legs over your shoulders as I hold your head, my fingers grabbing your hair as I climax. Just had the most AMAZING orgasm in the bath thanks to that. Thank you I thought it might make you smile to know you don’t even have to be here to have an effect. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Huge hugs babe thinking of you xxxxxx

I started to get dressed as Dick came upstairs to use the toilet. I was stood there climbing into my knickers as he came behind me and his hand grabbed my arse. Told me I was looking good and said nice shaved pussy. I told him he was welcome to test it out with his tongue anytime. I expected him to laugh and walk away but he surprised me by fingering me as I stood there. I was still wet from getting myself off earlier so he was impressed that I got wet so quickly. I told him that it’s had been too long and what did he expect. I told him he’d better finish what he started so he undressed as I climbed onto the bed. It went well. I don’t feel comfortable sharing that here though. I don’t know if it’s because occasionally Harvey reads this or because I want to keep that part of my relationship with Dick separate. It doesn’t happen very often, it’s always good and we both enjoy it. No it’s not very exciting or daring but it’s comfortable. I certainly don’t feel like I can tell him what I want like I do Harvey and that makes me sad.

Day passed quickly, house cleaned, washing done, dinner cooked & started packing finally.

H: You do make me hard xxxx and also smile xxxxx
It’s not as serious as we thought but the Illness is having a second go

A: I’m glad you’re smiling babe that was the plan. Hard was an added bonus 😘
So pleased it’s not as serious but still sounds horrendous. Keep your head up, this will all pass xxxxxx

Had a nice but busy day, didn’t stress or get wound up once which is rare! I did have a small fall out with my dad after I did a quiz on Facebook with jokey answers but he’ll forgive me! The quiz and my answers are Sunday Quiz if you haven’t seen them.

I sent Harvey the link in an email and he replied.

H: Funny answers, made me laugh xxxxx
Night night, just back from the H, going to bed now, speak tomorrow xxxxx

A: Night babe sleep well xxxxx

I do worry about him, I hope he’s coping ok or as well as he can. I don’t know if Tuesday is on or what we’re even doing but I do know he has bigger things to worry about. I went to bed early myself as I’ve a dentist appointment in the morning.


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