15th October

Tried to go to sleep but couldn’t settle. I knew that I’d not be able to until Frank came home. I received an email from Harvey.

H: Night babe, it’s been a long day, I do however have a pass out for Tuesday xxxxx

A: Look forward to seeing you xxxxx

Frank finally came in just after 3am for fucks sake. Not as worse for wear as I expected which was good news as he’s at work at 8.30! I climbed into bed and rested. Dick got up at 6.30 and I stayed in bed until 7.30 reading the news & emails. I got up and he made me a bacon sandwich and a coffee as he wanted to make sure I had something to eat before I met the girls. I had my painkillers and got dressed and did my make up.

Faith picked me up at 9.30 and we set off to collect Rachael an hour away. Collected Rachael, epic playlist loaded and started on our way. We were meeting 3 others, Lisa was driving from Colchester, Kate was on the train from Bedfordshire & Becki was on the train from Cardiff. We all had epic journeys. Our group chat reads like a carry on film but we finally all met up in one location! Had such a good day and we ate, drank & generally had such a good time. Time went so quickly and it was soon time to set off back home. Walked the 2 girls to the train station, then walked lisa to her car and the 3 of us walked to our car. Drive back went quickly with lots of laughs & music. Definitely been a fantastic day! I heard from Harvey earlier via email.

H: Me too, Tuesday can’t come fast enough xxxx

A: xxxxxx Out with the girls in Birmingham so limited access to email. Hope you’re ok as you said yesterday was another long day xxxxx

H: Yes I’ve had a few hours off this afternoon and been home and had an afternoon nap and a quick ✊✊✊ thinking of you xxxxx

A: I hope I was good 😊 xxxxx
Glad you’ve had a break xxxxx

Had half a glass of champagne but that’s all I’m having. Hope you’re ok. I’ve also eaten a giant slab of chocolate cake 😂 xxxx

Now home totally exhausted. House looks like a bomb site as Dick has spent the day making fishing rigs in the living room. His stuff is everywhere but I don’t care, he’ll sort it tomorrow. I’m off to bed!


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