14th October

Before I made it upstairs to bed he’d replied to my email.

H: Talk tomorrow I’m asleep in 5 4 3 2 ….

A: Night babe xxxxxxx

H: Xxxxxxx👋

A: Smacking my arse! As long as you leave no mark bring it on xxxxxx

I was wide awake so looked online for suncream offers as we go next week and realised that I’d got no cream for Dick & the kids too! Stumbled upon the m&s sale and found some bargains so bought those & arranged them for collection next week when I go into town. Didn’t get any sleep at all!

Dick got up obscenely early as he woke up at 5 and couldn’t get back off to sleep. He left shortly afterwards and I presumed he was going to the supermarket to buy stuff for works tuck shop. I woke up Joy and we got ready for work & school respectively. No drama just a nice easy morning. Went to work and got on with my day. I did have a deviation from the diet by grabbing a bacon sandwich! While I was away going to fetch it from the shop & eating that Harvey had text my work phone 30 minutes previously asking if I was free to talk. I text him back to say I was if he was. He replied practically straight away to say he was, so I found a quiet room and we had a conversation. He gave me the latest news about his wife and there’s been some significant improvement over the last week. It’s still going to be a long haul but she’s making tiny improvements so although it’s slow, it’s going in the right direction. We had a conversation about Tuesday, I told him whatever we did would be fab but the mechanics of booking a hotel leaves a trail and it’s an awful expense for just a few hours, he told me I was worth every penny and was happy to do it. I think he could tell I felt uncomfortable doing that so he said we could just do coffee. He gave me the job of finding somewhere to meet but I’ve failed miserably as I’ve only just remembered now I’m typing this up! I’ll speak to him Monday, anything could happen between now & then. Rest of the work day passed uneventfully and I left at 4.

As usual on a Friday I went straight from work to my doctors for my blood pressure check & blood tests. I was hoping he’d do my fit to fly certificate while I was there but he’s making me wait until Tuesday. I’ll be so pissed off he won’t sign it. It doesn’t mean I can’t go it just means I’ll be uninsured! Well I need a holiday so I’ll be going regardless.

Came home and tidied up & got ready to go food shopping when Dick got home. As we go away early Wednesday we only need food for 5 days so wasn’t too onerous a chore for a change. Came home and Joy asked if her friend could sleep over so we said yes. Told them they’d have to keep it down though as Dick has been on early all week so he’s shattered, plus I’m away all day tomorrow early as I’m meeting my online nail group of friends.

I’m so looking forward to it. I’ve already met 2 of them and the three of us are travelling together to meet 3 more of the girls. We’re spread all over England so meeting in the midlands as a central point.

Frank is out with his friends as it’s one of their birthdays, I hope he remembers he’s at work tomorrow and doesn’t overdo it! I have a big day tomorrow so I’m off to bed as I’m exhausted, praying for a good nights sleep!



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