13th October

I went to bed worried about Harvey. I knew from his emails that he’s really struggling, it looks like the last few weeks have finally caught up with him. I hope it’s just the situation with his wife and the pressure from all of that and I’m not something that’s adding to that. I hope he knows me well enough to know he can be honest and walk away at any time. I’m sure it’s just that but it doesn’t stop me worrying. I’ve known him for at least 10 years and he’s very resilient but it’s no surprise that all this with his wife has unsettled him, it must be difficult to go from going to work and having most things done for you to become a full time carer and be solely responsible for running the house and all that entails. I’m positive though that he will come through it stronger and hopefully have a greater understanding of just how difficult it is to have juggle all these things with running a house and looking after a family. Before I went to bed I sent him a photo of my breasts in the hope it would distract him and make him smile.

A: The girls say hi! Xxxx

Didn’t sleep more than 2 hours tops but at least I rested. Dick turned over in the night and actually cuddled up so maybe in his dreams he wanted some affection who knows? God knows he doesn’t want or need it when he’s conscious. I resisted the urge to push him away as he’s actually quite warm and better than an extra blanket! Stayed in bed rather than getting up and getting cold. Dick got himself up as he awoke early and made me a coffee and woke Joy up with a cup of tea and toast. I seriously think something happened to him in his sleep. It’s almost like one man went to bed and another one surfaced. It won’t last though so I shall make the most of it.

Went to work and received an email from Harvey in response to the photo of my breasts.

H: Xxxxx morning ladies xxxxx
If your mum wants to call I’m available hands free…..

I found an empty room and had a proper catch up. He seems ok. Yesterday was just a blip and it’s the reality of how long recovery is going to take. We discussed various topics including work, I told him about the away day for his team and he will see what can be done. No pressure, no promises, no demands! It was good to hear from him and know that he seems ok. I sent him an email to make him smile & remind him of happier times.

A: Seeing you smile as your hands reached up my skirt and found stockings and suspenders……..
Seeing you bite your lip with excitement and holding your breath as I knelt in front of you as you sat in the chair and held my pony tail while I gave you a blow job wearing that underwear……….
Seeing your whole body relax when I massaged you with the oil until I got within touching distance of your inner thigh or arse cheeks and you held your breath………..
The first time we had sex in cr5, fast & furious but very memorable. I did think that was the point I’d finally lost my mind but I don’t regret a single minute of it. If this lasts another day or decade, no one can take those memories.
Have a good day and know that I’m here if you need me xxxxxxxx

Continued on with my busy boring day. Met my friend for lunch and had a catch up, made a nice change to discuss just general friend stuff that’s absolutely nothing to do with work. While I was out I got a text from my sister in law asking if we were still on for coffee after work. I completely forgot we’d made those plans after meeting on Sunday. I went back to work and when my day finished she picked me up and we caught up over coffee. My niece (her daughter) is also my god daughter and we’re really close. She is struggling with depression & a general anxiety disorder and she’s finally told her mum, my SIL wanted to meet me somewhere that wasn’t home so she could talk to me. She thanked me for helping but she’s angry that I didn’t tell her myself. I replied that when someone speaks to me in confidence I can be trusted and it works both ways, how would she feel if I told my niece some of the things she had told me over the years? My priority is always going to be my nieces wellbeing over our friendship and I won’t change that. I told her that instead of being angry at me she should be thankful that her daughter finally found the courage to confide in her and that was a massive step in her recovery. She is so focussed on her anger that she can’t see she should be with her daughter being supportive rather than taking out her frustration on me. I told her that I would happily discuss ways to help them both when she accepts things and walked out. Really angry but managed to keep my head in public. I think fate was on my side today as I walked to the stop Dick pulled up! He doesn’t normally come home this way but an accident closed his usual route. I got in the car and burst into tears. I told him about the conversation and only a small bit about our niece, I was careful to not say too much and I didn’t tell him she’s now on medication. He told me that I’d done the right thing and understands why I didn’t tell her (or him for that matter), he knows that I’m very protective of her and that I’m very good at keeping things quiet. It’s one of the things he loves about me apparently! I composed myself in the car before we got home. As I got out the car Joy was being dropped off from her football match. She’s so perceptive and asked me why I was upset I just said that I wasn’t feeling well and she asked where we had been. Explained that I’d seen her aunt & dad had picked me up. She said if you say so!! She’s no fool that one.

Had a quiet night, few chores & kept busy. Cooked tea but wasn’t hungry myself. Had a bath & done my nails and now I’m typing this I’m starving!! Must resist! I received an email in reply to mine from this morning & we chatted until bed. He seems a lot brighter, we discussed his wife’s condition & he told me a joke. We talked about what we’re up to and I told him I’d booked Tuesday off before I fly Wednesday. Said I planned to go shopping then he sent this:

H: Or meet me for coffee?

A: If we can make the timings work I’d certainly be up for that xxx

H: Cool that would be good, let’s make a plan xxx

A: Look forward to it! No worries though if it doesn’t come off, you have your hands full xxxxxx

H: I would love to have my hands full…. of your tits xxxxx

A: So would I right now! Biting, sucking & licking with your other hand fingering my wet slit…………….

H: We could get the coffee as room service, and then your wish is my command xxxxxx

A: Now that’s an amazing thought if only it was possible. A whole room including a bed to fuck me on, not to mention a chair, a shower, the desk………….!

H: Ooooo a shower I never even thought of that….. yes please…… so do we go for a late checkout from monday night or an early check in for Tuesday? Either way I’m ducking you in the shower…..

A: I hope you mean fucking!!!!!

H: Laughing like mad…… yes…. although that’s how you find. A witch according to Monty python ….

A: It’s also the reason I hate water! Apparently the reason I don’t like tight things round my neck, wrists and ankles is I was hung, drawn & quartered in a previous life – bear that in mind if you ever fancy trying to tie me up, I get very violent 😂😂😂

H: I get that… that’s why I would never tie you up…. I might wrap some rope round your wrists that you hold and control but not tied…. as I fuck you really hard xxxxxxx

A: Thank you! Just the thought I needed as I finished getting myself off. You stroked one out yet or just getting to it now?? How much do you wish we were together doing it for each other? My tongue on your tip, licking, my lips kissing the shaft as I take you all the way as you fuck my mouth……….!

H: Just on my 2rd beer but will be in bed soon stroking it thinking of yo in the shower on Tuesday…. my treat just name the hotel xxxxx

A: How are you going to be able to make that work around the hospital & everything else?? Tell me when & where but you might want to wait to see what happens over the next few days. Nipping out for a coffee is easier than slipping off to a hotel!! I can leave the house anytime after 9 and would need to be back for 3 so timings aren’t great either!!
Not backing off as I’d love nothing more than to spend some time with you xxxxxxx

H: I’m due some time off for good behaviour! I can arrange cover to suit. I can be in town from 09.30 till 14.00..

So a late checkout should work.. name the hotel…

A: I have to go into town to go to the massive boots for my Lancaster suncream so I can get anywhere from there. I really have no preference babe I can get a taxi anywhere!

Catch up tomorrow I’m really sleepy now. Must be all this chat and release from the amazing orgasm I had thinking of you. Thanks babe. Tuesday will be amazing whether it be a quick fumble in the car or an epic hotel fuck. Sweet dreams, enjoy stroking one out xxxxx

And in a much better mood than yesterday I went to bed!


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