11th October

I pressed send on yesterday’s post, and went to bed. Tossed & turned most of the night but at least I rested. At some point I saw a response from Harvey.

H: Night babe, just leaving the H, it’s been along one!!! I’ll catch up with you tomorrow for a chat xxxx

A: Sorry it’s been a long day. Truly hope things progress quickly and things improve soon for you all. Make sure you look after yourself xxxxxx

I got up at 6 as I thought I might as well enjoy an early coffee in peace. Read my book until it was time to get everyone up. Joy lived up to her name this morning as she got up relatively drama free singing & dancing. She’s found a version of the old country song Jolene that’s been sung by Miley Cyrus. I fucking hate that song but it made for an interesting conversation at the breakfast table. She asked why would someone ask the woman who was having an affair with her man to back off? Wouldn’t it just be easier to kick him in the balls and move on?? 😂 No real answer to that I could give other than sometimes people are unhappy and afraid of change and put up with situations that they’d rather they didn’t have to but don’t have an alternative. I did applaud her indignation though and gave her piece of advice that my late mom gave me. If they can cheat with you, they can cheat on you and you shouldn’t be surprised when & if that happens. She asked me what I’d do if her dad cheated on me. (She has no idea he did that 12 years ago, nor will she ever!) so I replied I’d kick him in the balls and move on and she laughed. She did add though that her dad would never do such a thing and I was part proud and part horrified. She knows he’s a good man and a great dad and genuinely believes he’d never do it and horrified that she’s so naive. I hope she never feels the bitter sting of betrayal or ever be in the position I find myself currently. In love with my husband who doesn’t want me and cheating with a man who cares little or nothing for me but the sex is amazing. No one wins in that situation I’m finding. And yes that’s perfectly fine and exactly what we both want and agreed on but that’s not what I want for Joy. I want someone to love her so much the very thought of losing her would ensure he’d always be there for her. Luckily I don’t have to worry about that for a really long time!!

Went to work and received an email from Harvey regarding his wife’s recovery. It’s nice to see he listened yesterday about updates coming from him. He said he’d speak to me later when he free and he did call. We had a catch up and was nice to hear from him.

Dick called me shortly after to see if I could book a Monday off, as he wants to go have some more work done on his tattoo sleeve 5/6 hours drive away so we could make a weekend of it before Christmas. I checked my diary and it’s now booked. I’m booked in too so I can have one I had done 24 years ago covered up with some thing similar but newer.


Looks amazing, and will be a lot smaller scale as it’s going on my shoulder at the back. I’m slightly shitting myself as I don’t do pain but it’ll be good to have it all covered!

I’d sent Harvey some information he’d asked for on email and he’d replied to say he was free to talk so I called him for a chat. It’s easy conversation and I’m pleased it’s not awkward given everything we’ve done & seen! I told him about the planned Christmas party that may involve an overnight and he’s said if he can be there he will so there’s a possibility coming up maybe. It’ll be what it’ll be, not counting on it but it’s nice to have the possibility at least! I told him I’m going away next week so depending on signal & wifi I’ll be limited next week for contact but I think we’ll both survive. It’s nice to have a friendly ear to talk to and it doesn’t hurt to laugh either, we’re lucky that we get on have a similar sense of humour, makes life a little more bearable for both of us. As distractions go it’s fun and we both get the same thing from it! I told him about the trip and the tattoo booking and said I’d send him what I’m having and what I’d like to have next.

I emailed him the photos. The one above and this one:


I explained the first one was in keeping in what I’m covering up and the locket is very similar to the one Dick bought me when we lost our daughter.

The second one I saw on Instagram and I love it.

A: I’d love this once I have my boob lift!

Finished work and went home, chores, washing, cleaning & cooking was how I spent my evening, I’ve even prepared tomorrow’s evening meal. All I need to do in the morning is switch on the slow cooker. Fucking hell I’m a great catch, domestic goddess downstairs & a total whore upstairs! If only it was appreciated!

Had a bath and started my next nail art challenge as surprise surprise Dick went to bed, apparently it’s in an effort to stop eating but I’m not convinced. I can’t help but think it’s so he doesn’t have to spend time with me but I hope not otherwise next week on holiday will probably kill him! I had a pleasant peaceful night. He was in a foul mood when I came down from the bath, he’d been playing his Xbox while I was in the bath so that won’t have improved his mood. I asked him what time he needed to be up in the morning and he bit my head off. I told him there was absolutely no fucking need for him to speak to me to like that and if that’s his tone he can keep it and to set his alarm as I won’t be waking him. He’s such an infuriating arsehole! I’ve literally not stopped all night until my bath then as soon as I’m downstairs he goes up. I’d be hurt and upset if only I thought it’d do me any good but it won’t. It’s just situation normal and the world spins on. What a way to live, I can’t see me putting up with it for much longer to be honest. I’d be better off alone. Sad but true. Literally stayed up so I could do online check in for our flight next week and if I had my way I’d check the bastard into cargo. As I waited for online check in to open I received email from Harvey.

H: No boob lift required xxxxxxx

A: Correct answer 😘 thank you xx

H: Very nice, with a huge sentimental aspect xxxx I like it a lot xxxx night night babe xxxxx

A: Literally waiting to check in online then off to bed. Night babe sleep well with sweet dreams xxxx

H: Night night I’m of to bed also xxxx speak tomorrow xxxxx

A: Night babe xxx

I then spent a frustrating 20 minutes waiting for check in to open so I thought fuck it I’m off to bed which is what I did. We’ll either be sat together or we won’t right now I couldn’t care less I’m too tired!

Night all!


2 thoughts on “11th October

  1. I loved the first one. The second one I am not sure…it is very artistic, but the entire torso needs to be tattoo and piercing free. That endorses the true beauty of a woman’s body.

    Please don’t hate me for saying so…it is just my opinion. It might not be something you agree (or should agree) with.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hate is a strong emotion for someone I’ve never met. Everyone’s opinion is important, we don’t have to agree on everything. Thank you for your comment, its interesting that Dick is of the same opinion and doesn’t like it either. I like it, and that’s all that matters to me. Only time will tell if I’m brave enough.


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