8th October

Had just about 4 hours sleep which is good for me. Still felt completely exhausted and can’t get rid of this headache so I lazed in bed reading the news, emails etc. Did a few chores and started to type up my adventures with Harvey in the blog. I normally post my day before I go to bed but the last few days got away from me, and with good reason. Luckily I did my blog upstairs as twice I had to stop and sort myself out. Just remembering certain things and feelings made me very hot and very, very wet! I got ready to go to the gym with Joy and received an email from Harvey.

H: Morning babe,
Had a nice lie in until 8.00 am just done the house admin and on my way to the H.
Hope to get to the gym at some point xxxxx
And you?

A: Snap! Literally got up at 8, typed up some of the blog and now getting ready for the gym. Class this morning then back home.
Completely knackered still, head still banging too but that’s the usual when I’m on. Spent this morning typing up our adventures but had to stop twice to get myself off 🙈 still not finished lol. Will send you the link when it’s up.
Have a good day xxxxxxx

Went and smashed the gym! Christ every bit of me ached before I got there, the dance fit class has 4 dumbbell workouts and didn’t help!! But I felt better for going and doing something. Came home with plans to achieve all sorts but I just couldn’t get motivated.

H: Insatiable ……..
Back on the sugar wagon for me xxxxxxx

A: You wouldn’t have me any other way!
Back from the gym & back on it now myself.

H: Cool, I’m still at the H just having a coffee

I sent him the link to the post as I’d finished it.

I literally couldn’t move when I got back. Every bit of me hurt & ached. I feel absolutely exhausted and can only surmise that I’ve over done it at the away days. The combination of that, being very adrenaline filled in my adventures with Harvey & then coming on my period has wiped me out completely. I’m back at the doctors on Monday for blood tests and I’m hoping he doesn’t stop me going to the gym.

I did very little all day, laid on the sofa watching films and trying to find a holiday. I made chicken for tea with some rice as I couldn’t be bothered making anything exciting. I had a bath and painted my nails! Rock & roll! Dick went to bed early as he couldn’t keep his eyes open but as I was half way through finishing a nail art challenge I couldn’t stop. I enjoyed the peace & quiet. I saw a reply from Harvey.

H: Wow, so it wasn’t a dream! Xxxxx night night babe, are you up early for the F1?

A: What did you think? I had so much fun enjoying myself I didn’t think to take notes 😂 I hope it was as good as you expected.
Not sure about my plans yet, hoping for a mammoth 8 hours but as that’s unlikely I’ll probably watch it.
You off to bed? Xxxx

H: Bed is near, it’s all rock and roll here, I’m just waiting for the washer to finish so I can put the next load in!

A: You make a great wife 😂😂
Night babe xxxxx

With that sent I went to bed and fell straight asleep!





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