7th October

So after a great night of sex and shenanigans with Harvey I dozed off and on. He stayed all night too which was unexpected, I was more surprised at myself for allowing it but it was comfortable. I wasn’t worried or embarrassed like I thought I’d be. It was actually quite normal really. We kissed and drifted off to sleep.

I woke him just before 6 as I had to call Dick to wake him up. I broke the news about starting my period and he laughed. If he was pissed off or disappointed he hid it really well! I took the phone into the bathroom but could get hold of anyone. Turns out he’d not put his phone on charge so I frantically rang round until I got hold of Frank, he kindly woke up his dad. I climbed back into bed with Harvey for a last cuddle before he had to leave. Dick called me to say he was up and awake as Harvey was fingering my clit! Didn’t miss a stroke as I calmly spoke to my husband and told him to have a good day, Dick told me he loved me and I replied love you too. The entire time Harvey just carried on what he was doing. I’m such a bad person but hey, what the eyes don’t see the heart can’t grieve about. It was soon time to get ready so Harvey got dressed and left as he wanted to be away before anyone saw him plus he had to get back to his wife. Hopefully a night away has done him the world of good.

I got washed, dressed and ready to meet the girls for breakfast. That done and the rooms all set up for the day’s meetings I went up to pack. I saw my work phone so I called Harvey to remind him to delete his call lists & messages. We chatted for a short while and I told him I’d found bruises in places I didn’t think you could bruise! He apologised but I told him it was fine, I’d enjoyed it all and said goodbye.

Morning went fairly quickly as I was busy and there were a few problems to sort at the hotel. I messaged Harvey.

A: Hope you had an uneventful journey home.
Big bright smile on my face xxxxxxx

It was soon lunchtime so we set off back. I checked my emails.

H: Huge smile xxxxxx have a good weekend xxxxx

A: You too. I’m home, knackered, sore but very chilled!

H: Lol, sorry hope you recover soon. Still smiling with involuntary erections throughout the day!

A: Sorry my arse, (talking of which I bet you’re smiling at the thought!) You can’t blame me for your involuntary erections, I’m no where near you. Must be your imagination 😂 xxxxxxx

H: Xxxxxx

Got home and Dick was already home as he finished at lunchtime. House wasn’t too badly trashed but no one had thought to load the dishwasher for 2 days!!! I don’t think it’s too much to ask so although I felt like shit as I still had a massive headache I loaded the dishwasher straight away. Dick came in the kitchen and told me to sit down he’d do it as I looked knackered. Fucked would be a more accurate description but what would he know?? I told him I’d sort it but he could sort tea as I felt like shit. He went and got fish and chips as it’s easier. Even Joy told me I didn’t look well so I must’ve looked really rough. We skipped the gym. Had a bath and hoped that would help. I watched some tv with Dick he laid next to me on the sofa and was quite affectionate for a change. I’m a bit worried that I’ve gone too far switching my feelings off as I should feel terrible given what I’d spent the last evening doing but I don’t. I don’t see it as a really bad thing as I don’t love Harvey, it’s just a friends with benefits situation and we’re both on the same page. I love Dick but he doesn’t give me what I need and I know he’d be devastated if he knew, it would end our marriage for sure. I emailed Harvey.

A: Can’t wait for my bed, shattered! Hope you’re day’s not been too bad babe and wife continued to improve xxxxx

H: Shattered to say the least, bed soon, got to the H at 9.30 left at 22.00! Wife has managed to contract MRSA today! It’s not as bad as it sounds and she has a room by herself now.
Just at a neighbours party for a beer then fed and a sleep in xxxxxxxx

A: You couldn’t make it up! At least she has privacy now on a positive note.
Hope you enjoyed the party & have a fab lie in xxxxxxx

At 4.15am I finally went to bed!


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