6th October

Woke up in the hotel and got ready to meet the girls for breakfast. I sent Harvey a photo of me in my underwear.

A: Today’s functional underwear choices xxxx
Later babe xxxxxxx

Met the girls, had breakfast and got everything ready for today’s team event. We had a whole day of eight teams doing 4 different activities in rotation. Such a good laugh & I’m happy to report my team won!! I do have the worlds largest bruise though from the archery contest!

Harvey replied to my photo.

H: Looking hot and gorgeous as ever, I need your diet and exercise regime, you have got your beach body back!
Can’t wait to explore every inch of it with my tongue xxxxxx
Have a good day and see you soon xxxx

A: Thank you kind sir. It’s definitely getting there!
So looking forward to seeing you xxxxxx

Found out from a colleague that they were going to present Harvey with a long service award the next day. I wasn’t sure if he was staying the next day so I emailed him to give him the heads up.

A: Hope you manage to get away but really understand if you can’t make it.
Heads up that the boss plans to present you with your award tomorrow at the meeting. I thought I’d better give you a heads up in case you weren’t planning on staying xx

H: Ta, not planing on staying, just leaving now xxxx

A: I thought so. I’ll mention it to Freya and see if he’ll do it tonight xx
See you later xxxx

H: ETA one hour, what are the room logistics? Who are neighbours?

Then he messaged me with his room number

I called him to say my activities were finished and told him I was in my room, he said he’d find me and would be 5 minutes. I was so excited, I quickly stripped off, had a quick wash and got redressed in the basque, stockings, knickers, sheer black shirt & leather look mini skirt. I threw on my new Kurt Geiger heels and put my hair in a pony tail. I told him the door was on the catch and just to walk straight in. He walked in and I greeted him with a big smile, a hug and a kiss. We kissed and his hands were everywhere, his hands up my skirt and he found the stockings and suspenders. His face was a picture, the smile on his face was well worth the effort! I removed my skirt so he could take full advantage of the view. His hands under the fabric of my knickers, fingering my wet slit, I removed them and he pushed me back into the bed and buried his face into me. His hands reached up and removed my breasts from my basque. I think after that first orgasm I lost all track of what happened 🙈 We had 2 hours to explore each other and although I can’t remember everything in order, I know it was amazing! I lost count of how many times I came. I know that I pushed him into a chair, knelt in front of him and gave him an amazing blow job. He kept saying what a view and that he’d remember it in the memory bank, he told me to stand and walked me to the bed and with my legs over his shoulders he used his fingers & tongue until I was wet and entered me. Lifting my legs upright he fucked me until I came again. We ended up in various positions all over the bed, all of which we had spoken about. Him on his back with me facing away from him worked well. Love the control aspect and he loved the view! He’s very generous with his attention and seemed equally happy to just pleasure me. I’m not a lie there and take it kind of girl but I did for a change and throughly enjoyed everyone of those orgasms!

After nearly 2 hours it was time to get ready, Harvey left to go to his room, before he left he handed me a package. It was a durex vibrating bullet he’d seen out shopping last week 😂 I kissed him and thanked him. I grabbed a quick shower without washing my hair, got dry, dressed, make up on and headed to the event.

Saw him at the bar and said a quick hello. Sat on a different table to him and had a good laugh with the people I was sat with. I had a massive headache and left early, decided I needed a bath and wash my hair. Said goodnight and walked over to Harvey’s table to make polite conversation like I hadn’t spent 2 hours with him in me, on me & with me 😂 Wished his wife well and said goodnight. Got back to my room removed my make up and had a bath and washed my hair. Just as I was getting dry Harvey phoned to say he was on his way, I’d given him a room key earlier so he could let himself in. I applied my body oil, wrapped my hair in a towel turban and put my big fluffy bath wrap on and just laid on the bed until his arrival. I was so exhausted but excited at the thought of him rejoining me. He let himself in and joined me on the bed. Told me I looked comfortable and smelt amazing so I told him to undress and I’d use the oil to massage him. So that’s what I did! I grabbed a big towel from the bathroom and laid it on the bed while he undressed. He laid on the towel with a big shit eating grin on his face until I told him to turn on to his front. I removed my robe and sat on his arse, warmed the oil in my hands and applied light pressure to his back. The whole of his body relaxed except for when my fingers grazed his groin & arse area, little gasps and moans escaped him. With his back and legs done I told him to roll onto his back. Not before time as he was completely hard so no idea how he’d been comfortable there. I gave his shaft a quick suck and promised to return to it before I then sat on his legs and massaged his torso. Paying particular attention to his nipples. I massaged his legs then climbed back up to his chest and he asked me to kiss him. So I did, I lent over him and kissed him and gave him my breasts to play with. Now it all gets a bit muddy after this because I can’t remember everything but I know I sat on his face like a photo I’d sent him a while back. He was underneath me lying down and his hands were on my breasts while I held the head board, I know I fucked him from that position I sat astride his rock hard cock whilst he twisted my breasts. I remember he positioned me so I was on my back with my head hanging off the bed whilst he stood next to the bed whilst he fucked my mouth. He asked me about the bullet so I went and got that, he used that on my clit and it was nice, different sensation as I’ve never used a vibrator but not unpleasant. It doesn’t beat the fingers, tongue & being fucked though. He laid me on the bed on my front and gave me a massage and whilst he had the oil he fingered my arse gently. I wasn’t sure what to think so I tried to relax and it was nice. He’d licked, sucked, bitten my clit so the oil was soothing. He was hard and asked if he could fuck me so I agreed. God I’m getting so wet just typing this. He put his cock at the edge of my arse and gently pushed it in. God so tight but as his cock filled me he was stretching me and it was just pressure but not painful or unpleasant. He was fingering my clit the whole time so my nerves were just on fire. I loved it and if his reaction was anything to go by he did too. He came and we cuddled up afterwards.

I cleaned up in the bathroom and we settled down to sleep finally.

Was so looking forward to round 3 when we woke but when I got up in the night Mother Nature decided now was a good time to visit and I’d come on in spectacular fashion. I didn’t realise that though straight away as I panicked and thought he’d maybe tore me a new arse!! It was only when I’d checked carefully, remembered I had a massive headache it all made sense. Fucking typical but at least we’d had an amazing night. Well I did and I think Harvey did too. I decided I’d give him the bad news about coming on when I woke him and settled off to sleep.


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