5th October

Pressed publish on yesterday’s post, brushed my teeth and went to go to bed as I got an email from Harvey.

H: Night Hun,
I can’t promise I didn’t go shopping tonight xxxxx
See you soon xxxxx

A: I dread to think 😳
Night babe sleep well xxxxx

H: Lol
ones a silicone cock ring!!!! Might try it tonight……

A: At least you can eat the ones you get from haribo 😂😂😂😂 enjoy 😘

H: Laughing, I’d never thought of that too funny xxxxxx

A: Depends if you could stretch it to fit!
I’m full of good ideas it’s one of my many qualities you admire xxxxxx
Keep smiling xxx

H: Lol, embarrassing if it falls off!

A: You’re so hard on yourself! I’m not sure how many times I tell you you’re more than enough!
I’m off to bed babe. Sleep well xxxx

H: You have single handedly invented a new fetish, Haribo cock rings and midget gem anal beads …..

A: I’m now starting to think you’re not joking.
PS no sugar, were on a diet 😂😂😂

H: Night night, I’m only kidding, I’m going to be hard with you soon xxxxx

I’m joking xxxx

A: You’re joking about being hard with me??? That’s a shame I’m relying on you to fuck me properly!!
Thursday. Bring your A game big boy xx

I went to bed and was soon asleep. Had an almost reasonable 5 hours which is quite impressive for me. Got Dick up for work and said goodbye as I won’t see him now until Friday evening. He kissed me and told me to have fun. Oh he has no idea 🙈 Got Joy out of bed which thankfully was much easier! I logged on and Harvey had replied.

H: A game on and then some, I’m aiming for A star……. Now that gives me an idea!!!!

A: Sorry babe I fell asleep! I’ve had nearly 5 hours!!!!! Good morning, so looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night xxxxxxxx
Have as good a day as you can xxxxx

Finished packing last minute bits and went to work. Relatively busy day trying to ram all the weeks work in to the remain half a day. I had a teleconference in CR so I sent him a photo of our favourite hidden corner entitled memories.

A: Like the corners of my mind 🎤

H: Happy and exciting memories at that. What time you setting off?

A: No later than 2pm ideally xx

H: I’m aiming to set of at 13.30 to 14.00 tomorrow see you at 16.00 ish

If this falls off I’ve got problems ….. (he’d attached a photo his finger with a silicone ring on it!)

A: Fucking hell!! I’m dying at my desk again. You’re too funny 😂 xxxx

In other news your skin looks really dry. Is the hospital affecting your eczema? I’ve packed some massage oil hopefully it will help soothe it and relax you xxxxxxxxxx

Freya and I set off for the hotel. Road trip!!! What a laugh we never stopped laughing the whole journey long. She’s so funny and such a good friend. We got diverted due to a road closure so it took forever but we got there. Still laughing when we parked as we got lost just parking the car!! It’s a nice hotel with its own golf club and as we were unpacking the car a nice set of golfing gentlemen offered to carry our luggage to the hotel in their golf buggy. We declined but they insisted. They then offered us a lift and before I could refuse Freya climbed in. My god what an arrival. I only wish I had a photo as it was so funny! I’m rammed in the buggy with literally one arse cheek in the seat and the rest of my frame hanging out the cart. Of course I’m wearing the worlds shortest skirt but thankfully very thick black tights,  I’ve never been so close to Freya and it’s a good job we’re such good friends as I was holding on to her for dear life 😂 Arrived through the golf club and made quite an entrance with all these golfers watching 2 very well dressed woman rocking up with their heels and luggage! Managed to get completely lost and Freya was hilarious carrying her clothes on hangers, bags & case. If anyone has CCTV footage of any of that it’s comedy gold!

Checked in and got unpacked. Logged on to tell Harvey I’d arrived and he’d replied to my earlier email.

H: Good eyes, I’d not even thought about my skin, haven’t moisturised for ages, I’ll start tonight, looking forward to relaxing together tomorrow.

A: Arrived, (I sent him a photo from the foot of the bed) As you look at the view my side is on the right xxxxx

I changed into my swimsuit and met the girls in reception. We went to chill in the spa. I’d packed my templespa pamper treats so after chilling in the jacuzzi we dried off on the loungers and we all gave our selves a facial. Bliss! Totally relaxing. We then went back to our rooms to get ready for dinner. We had a nice night, food was very nice & really reasonable too, I expected it to be extortionate as it’s such a nice hotel but it was a nice surprise. Mind you we ate in the golf club as one of the girls isn’t a fan of fancy food so we chose that restaurant instead. Settled the bill and left, there were some members of our team in there but we got away without having to engage with them, result! Went back to my room and ran the bath whilst doing my emails. I saw a reply from Harvey.

H: Bizarre, I always sleep on the right xxxxx
How’s the evening going?

A: I’m already back in my room. Bath running now and then Netflix & chill for one.
How’s things? Xxx

H: Good thanks, just landed in the pub for a few beers! Wife has had a good day. All is good in the world xxxxxxx

I forgot that I’m not at home and the bath here is tiny, narrowly avoided a major flood:


A: That’s good news indeed. Enjoy the beers. I’m bathed and now chilling in the room enjoying the peace. Really looking forward to seeing you tomorrow 😘 xxx

H: Beers going down well… See you tomorrow xxxxx looking forward to it like you wouldn’t believe xxxxxx

A: Me too. Excited! Lying here now it seems hard to believe this time tomorrow we’ll finally get together properly xxxxxx

H: To sleep……

A: 😂😂 sleep would be amazing!!
Night babe xxx

Sent that email and went to bed!


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