3rd October

Peaceful night, not a great amount of sleep but at least I wasn’t tossing and turning. Woke Dick for work as he’s in early this week and stayed in bed. Bitterly cold now the weather has turned so I could’ve stayed there all day. Alarm went off again and it was time to get Joy up for school. This is the worst job of all the ones I have being a mum. She’s a nightmare when she’s tired and cold and this morning was no exception. Finally dragged her out and we both got ready for school and work. I logged on and Harvey had replied to my email.

H: Night babe, I’ll speak with you tomorrow, I will call Freya and let her know I’m on for Thursday night xxxxxx

A: Great news! She’ll already know it’s a possibility as Nigel told me Friday to see if there was room so it’ll be good for you to confirm

He still hasn’t answered any of my enquiries about his wife but no news is good news I’m sure I’ll find out soon. Went off to work and spent a thoroughly unfulfilling day doing the worlds most boring job. At least I’m busy and gainfully employed. I wandered across the road at lunch to the shopping centre, I cannot find any patterned black stockings at all, I can’t even find normal ones! The only ones I can find are hold ups so I bought them as at least it’s better to have something than nothing. They had a sale on too so I had to buy new bras and pants! Found a lovely set of two bras with knickers to match, one set navy, the other set peach. A bargain as that’s the first place my weight will come off so it’s nice to have lovely inexpensive undies that don’t need to last a long time. Before I left the office I noticed an email from Harvey.

H: Afternoon babe, rubbish signal in the Hospital but I have Wifi.
Spoke to Freya and she has sorted me a room, I forgot to ask for adjoining doors to yours!!!!!
What’s happening at your end? Did you have a good weekend?

A: Glad you’re sorted and it looks like you can make it. I’m fine thanks weekend was drama free.
How’s the wife? Any improvement, ventilator off?? Xxx

We’ll see if answers that one!

Went home and tried on the underwear and it’s fits fine. Comfy,  practical, functional & quite pretty. I did think about sending him a photo but I couldn’t take one that did them justice so just emailed him.

A: Home alone and trying on today’s new boring but functional underwear choices. I look pretty hot even if I say so myself. In fact just thinking about you seeing me in them, even though they’re boring got me very wet. So wet I had to get myself off. Thank you! The thought of my legs over your shoulders and your tongue darting in and around my slit, biting my clit and your fingers opening me wide so you could bury your face inside me………..!
Thursday can’t come soon enough xxxxxxxxxx

Dick was late home so I skipped going to the gym. Kids were out so we had tea together and tried to find a holiday but no joy. Thanks to the leave campaign & voters the pound is on its arse against the euro so everything is far too expensive! Going to keep looking for now and pray they come down in price!

Decided I needed to do a bit of a tidy up of myself in preparation for the away day. I poured a generous amount of bath oil into the running bath and applied my favourite face mask whilst the bath filled. Took a very hot flannel and polished it all off and used the matching toner to remove all traces of it. Christ I caught sight of myself in the mirror  and I’m looking old! It’s safe to say the last five years have taken its toll but I think this last one has done the most damage. I look like so much like my mom now I can’t bear to see myself with a pony tail.

I finished pampering myself so now all I have to do is just shave Wednesday night in the hotel and do a little low level maintenance and I’m hot to trot. Still not convinced it’ll happen so it’s hard to fully get excited. I’m expecting a cancellation, which under the circumstances is entirely understandable, so if it actually happens it’s a bonus. Plan for the best, prepare for the worst! The last few days there hasn’t been much contact other than a few emails which is why I think there’s more going on at the hospital so it’s difficult to judge. I hope things are going well and she’s recovering and it’s just losing momentum because he’s busy. It must be exhausting for him. Maybe he needs to concentrate on that alone, maybe I should back off? Who knows, let’s see what happens.

It’s been an ok day but I’m completely shattered so a relatively early night for me.

Goodnight all!




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