2nd October

I went to bed early and managed a few hours. I saw a response to my email wishing Harvey goodnight.

H: As always, with my cock in my hand thinking of despicable ways to make you cum…..

A: Despicable, wicked but oh so delicious xxxxxxxxxxx

I dozed off and on so stayed in bed. Woke Dick up early as he’d asked me to as he went walking with his brother & sister. After he left I got up and had a leisurely breakfast of chocolate croissant & coffee before cracking on with the house work. I saw an email that made me choke on my coffee.


A: I’m not sure how you’d explain those on your grocery bill………. 😂
You make me smile xxxxxx

H: I hope to make you scream xxxxx

A: Let’s hope the walls are soundproof then! I’ll settle for shudders & gasps!
Have a good day babe 😘 xxx

I put my music on loud and cleaned. I made a casserole for tea and put it in the slow cooker. I had a quiet day. Joy went to football, Frank went to the gym & I had the house to myself! Achieved loads. Dick came home, we all ate tea together, the kids went out, I had a bath it was a very boring Sunday!

I saw a reply from Harvey.

H: Let’s hope so ….. And let’s hope we’re not next to anyone we know xxxxx Just leaving the hospital now, pub for last orders then bed xxxxx

A: You’ll just have to be quiet unless you’ve got a ball gag………..!
Hope you get some sleep and the wife is improving. Hopefully her ventilator is off now and she’s a bit more comfortable? Xxxxxx

We watched tv together comfortably with his head on my lap on a cushion. It did a good job of  chilling him out, it makes such a difference when he allows himself to relax. I got a very chaste kiss on the lips as he went to bed as he’s on early again this week.

A good combination of a busy/lazy day. No drama either so today was a very good day. It’s been quite peaceful & chilled, I do wish everyday was like this. I’m blessed to have the life I have, it’s not perfect but it’s not a living hell either. I do wish Dick was a bit more demonstrative but he’s taking little steps. Selfishly though I have Thursday to look forward to if it comes off.  I’m cautiously optimistic it’ll happen but trying not to get my hopes up. I should feel guilty but we’ll see how I feel if it comes off! Before going to bed I logged on to my email as Harvey sent me a message.

H: Ball gag…. Now there an idea ….

A: I can just see you in it too 😂😂

H: Lol, you would have to take your knickers out of my mouth first ….

A: Indeed! Pillow over the head works well too xxxxx

H: Or my cock deep in your throat xxxxx

A: Can’t wait, getting wet just thinking about it…………!

H: Holding your hair, rocking my hips fucking your face making you gag as I cum down your throat….. You sucking me hard again ready to please you as you command…..

A: I can’t wait for you to see the outfit I have planned. I think you’ll approve!!!!

Early night for me as back to work tomorrow. I’m literally dropping off typing this so off to bed! I emailed Harvey to say goodnight.

A: I’m off to bed babe hope today has been ok and there’s some improvement. Catch up tomorrow xxxxx





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