30th September

I was awake most of the night. Before I fell asleep I received an email from Harvey about a situation he’s dealing with privately. It’s nothing to do with me so I won’t be sharing the nature of it here as it’s his business not mine. He just wanted my opinion on it. I gave him my opinion and he replied later and that was that.

Same old, same old at work. At least it was Friday and the start of the weekend. My colleague caught up with Harvey so he called me to give me an update. He’s no idea that we’re in contact anywhere near as much as we are. He told me the latest about Harvey’s wife and how things were progressing, he said he looks tired and it’s obviously having an effect on him. He told me that Harvey was thinking of coming to the team dinner next week and staying overnight as he needs a break. I had to be really careful how I answered that question. He said he thought it was a good idea and the break will do him good, I agreed and said that yes I’m sure it would but obviously he’d have to sort something out for looking after his wife and I wasn’t sure she’d think it was a good idea once she could talk!! We will see. I feel better knowing that he agreed to see him and have a coffee, I’m sure he appreciated the company.

I emailed Harvey.

A: News reaches me that your meet up went well. I’m very excited that I might see you next week after all. Fingers crossed it happens……………..!

I went for my BP check and blood tests after work and all is good. There is significant improvement in my BP results, he’s convinced my new healthy lifestyle and exercise plan is to thank for it. Long may it continue.

I got home and it was nice & quiet. Joy was upstairs rehearsing for tomorrow’s school open day, she’s performing a few songs to prospective students that might join next year. It’s a little cheeky as she doesn’t actually do performance or music as a subject it’s just something she enjoys. She went on the European music tour with school so she’s highly thought of. I’m really proud of her.

I checked my emails and Harvey had replied.

H: It’s looking good for Thursday xxxxxx I’m excited too xxxx

A: How excited? Deleting emails in your account you missed this one:
I’d make it tingle if I were there.
I’d start by gently tracing my finger up and down your shaft whilst my other hand tickled your balls. My tongue dipping in the tip of your cock. My lips kissing the length of your hard shaft. Taking you fully into my mouth, sucking, licking, nibbling you.
My fingers on the other hand still massaging the bottom of your sack as you come in my mouth as I swallow it all……………

H: Enough to make me hard, especially after the last email, just home now for a nap before I do the night shift…
Cock in hand thinking of you swallowing my cum

A: Which I’ll be only too happy to do next week in person………..
Dressed up to fuck, killer heels, leather skirt, stockings……..

H: yes yes yes  xxxx

I then sent him a photo from where I was sat, I lifted my top, took my breast out of my bra and squeezed my nipple.

A: Do you wish your lips were here right now??
Sucking, licking squeezing……………

H: Yes, holding your tit tight in both hands squeezing and twisting while your nipple between my teeth

A: While your hands get me off or my own?

I realised he he was either asleep or taking care of his own needs so I had to relieve the tension right there. I slipped off my knickers and quickly bought myself to a decent climax.  I emailed him to tell him.

A: Mine worked perfectly thank you xxxxxxxxxxxx

H: And mine, back to visiting but with smile on my face xxxx thank you

A: You’re welcome xxxxxxx

Dick came home but luckily I was upstairs getting ready to go to the gym. His stock taking is over so hopefully he’s going to be less stressed. I went to the gym and worked out, didn’t overdo it as I’m back there tomorrow for a class. No pain no gain!

I’ve decided to let Harvey have access to the blog again if he wants it. At least he’ll be able to read our emails as I’ve deleted all his! I sent him a link to the previous day.

A: If you want to resubscribe it’s fine. I figured me deleting your emails gives you nothing to read!

Frank went out with his friends in town so I couldn’t really settle, he’s not a baby but he’s my baby and I worry about him. I knew I wouldn’t settle until he came home.

Dick & I went to bed before midnight but I knew I wouldn’t sleep. He had cuddled up to me on the sofa before bed which he rarely does now. I thought maybe he needed affection after a difficult week, we cuddled up in bed and although he got hard, nothing happened. I tentatively suggested I could take care of that for him and he said it was fine, he’s tired honestly he hasn’t got the energy. Disappointed but that’s par for the course really, he’s not interested and he can’t hide it, he can’t even be bothered to take one for the team for my benefit. I need to get to the bottom of why he doesn’t want to sleep with me. It is me? Is he being taken care of elsewhere? Is it his mental state? Who in their right mind doesn’t want to have sex?? With someone that loves & cares for you, that doesn’t just lie there like a sack of potatoes and actively takes parts & enjoys it! It blows my mind (which is all that’s getting blown in this house!) He was soon asleep so as I couldn’t shut off my brain I got up.

I dozed on the sofa off & on waiting for Frank to come home. I checked my phone and I’d received a few emails from Harvey. The first in relation to my blog link.

H: If you are sure xxxxx

H: Night night babe, although I’m awake chilling watching the movie Daddy’s home with a cider in my hand if you are awake and want to email
Xxxxx Night, hope this doesn’t wake you xxxxx

A: Night babe try and get some sleep xxx

Frank came home just before 6am so that was the end of my day and I went to bed!










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