1st October

Just before 6am I climbed into bed. I emailed Harvey to wish him good morning.

A: Hope you chilled out nicely with your cider and film.
Literally just gone to bed myself. Having 4 hours before I get up and go to the gym!
Have a good day xxxxxxxxx

I climbed into bed but not without disturbing Dick. I apologised as I know it pisses him off when he’s disturbed but he said it’s ok, try & get some sleep. He asked me if I’d waited up for Frank and told me I was an idiot!! He was laughing though, he knows my kids mean the world to me. I dropped off to sleep and had just under 2 hours which isn’t too bad all things considered. Dick got up so I just dozed in bed reading the news & checking email. Harvey had replied to my good morning email.

H: Morning, I’m up and and about, woke early and couldn’t sleep, catch you later xxxx

A: I’ve had 90 minutes. Today should be fun 😂
Hope you were at least resting even if you couldn’t sleep.
Legend says that if you can’t sleep it’s because someone is thinking of you in their dreams. It can’t be me as I never get any fucking sleep 😂
Have as good a day as you can 😘
Big kiss xxxxxxxx

H: Big kisses appreciated and reciprocated (big word for me)

A: Thank god for spell check hey!
Thank you I’m just typing up yesterday’s blog now xxxxxxxx

I typed up yesterday’s blog I usually post it before bed but I don’t think my brain could even think about it yesterday/ this morning.

Dick bought me up a cup of coffee and we chatted about sorting the holiday out today. It’s about time as we’re supposed to go on the 19th!! Not long at all! Did try and book one but it’s one of those websites where you call to confirm and the price massively jumps so no thank you, back to the drawing board!

Got up washed & dressed while Dick dropped Joy off at her open day, he came back with chocolate croissants for breakfast. His argument was I would work it off at the gym. I did try to resist but life is short!

Worked extra hard at the gym to make up for it. I did a full circuit including a few weight machines for my legs before dance fit. I must be mad but it’s definitely paying off. When I got home I got showered and dressed and my jeans are quite loose. I sent Harvey a photo of me from the neck down. Bare breasts and the massive gap in my waistband of the jeans.

A: Check out the room in my jeans…..

We went food shopping, deep joy! Frank rose from his bed in time to give us a list and promptly took himself back to bed. Joy came back from open day then went out to meet her friends. We had a quiet afternoon catching up on TV. I’m watching the originals and I heard a beautiful version of a song that almost made me cry. I posted it earlier.

Love this song

I couldn’t get warm so changed into my pjs & bath wrap and just got comfy on the sofa with Dick. Wasn’t really very hungry or bothered for food but Dick made us a fish finger sandwich! Harvey replied to my photo email.

H: Wow, plenty of room for my hand to slide in and bring you off quickly xxxxxx nice rack xxxxx looking forward to Thursday xxxxxx

A: Bring it on!!! Can’t wait babe xxxxx

H: Me too xxxx

A: Xxxxxxx

H: What’s on the agenda tonight? I’m still at the hospital then a Chinese, 1 cider and bed xxxxxx

A: Chilling, bath & bed!
Don’t feel great so I’m already in pjs. Had a fab tea, comfort food fish finger sandwich!!
Enjoy the Chinese I’m very jealous 😘 xxxxxxx

We watched a few more episodes of the originals and called it a night. Dick is off walking tomorrow with his sister so he’s to be up early. I’m staying home to watch Joy’s county cup match. Should hopefully be a good match. I emailed Harvey good night.

A: Night babe enjoy Chinese & cider I feel shocking so I’m off to bed.
Sweet dreams hopefully of me xxxxxxxxx

And with that sent, and this updated I bid you all good night!


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