29th September

I went to bed and decided that I’d try and unplug my brain and actually get some sleep. It worked for the most part too. I put my phone on do not disturb so I didn’t get any notifications for anything. I had a good 4 and a half hours which is good for me. I woke up Dick as he’s to be away early with him being so busy with stock take. I then woke Joy and faced the usual challenges of a teenage drama queen!

Got up and got ready for work, as I climbed into my underwear I remembered this was the set I wore the first time we ‘hooked up’ I decided to send him a photo to remind him and hopefully make him smile. I don’t want him to think I’ve lost interest after our mis-understanding.

A: xxxxxx

I finished getting ready and saw an email from him, our emails must’ve crossed.

H: How’s you? It’s been all me me me recently hasn’t it! Apologies
I’m fully refreshed after a good nights sleep and a lay in, daughter is due home today for a couple of hours before she goes back to party central, sorry I meant serious study at university!!! LOL I wish I was 19 again
Although I keep reminding her Not nineteen forever

Any way back to you I hope you are ok? Externally the gym is working, have I been leaning on you too much? Please remember it can go both ways and I’m here for you.

Sons just about to leave the house, I’m still in bed and am not getting up for a while, If you can call please do so.


H: Wow, did our emails cross, or did you know I’m still in bed? Either way you’ve just made me hard……

I got to work and found an empty room to call him from. We chatted for a good 30 minutes about lots of things, him, his wife’s recovery which continues to go well thankfully, the kids and life in general. He fully appreciated my photo and told me he’d replied so I read that while I was on the phone to him. Very hot and steamy. I’ve told him that it’s something to look forward to when things get easier and his wife improves. Its not over, it’s just paused right now. He said he was grateful we still had this even if we don’t have the physical side its still a nice distraction. He’s meeting up with our colleague tomorrow for coffee and I’ve said I’ll give him the laptop to give him so he can do his expenses but he’s not to do any work and he promised me that he won’t. He did suggest though he could come to the away day meal to see the team for a break from it. As much as I’d love to see him (for obvious benefits!) I’m not sure that would go down well at home. He says he’ll play it as he needs a break (which is true, he really does) and can arrange cover. I’m torn between him coming and him staying away. On one hand it will be so amazing to finally get together in the comfort of a room privately to explore some of the stuff we’ve discussed but that’s really selfish of me. On the other hand I’m torn because for him there’s no other reason for him coming but for me, I’m sure of it. We will see what happens, after all a lot can happen between now and next week. The email he sent me is here.

H: Kissing your lips hard, tracing lines down your body, sliding my hand inside your pants to rub your wetness dipping inside and pulling out to touch your clit…. Focusing  on your clit building pressure slowly…. I want your sex in my mouth but not yet….. 2 fingers slide inside and rock backwards and forwards my thumb doesn’t leave your hotspot it presses in rhythm until you come
Pulling your hair back forces you onto the edge of the bed I kneel down and you remove you knickers… One leg is on my shoulder your 6inch heel digging into my back as I bury my face into you slit 2 fingers from each hand stretching your shiny pink hole open for my tongue to explore….. As you come I stand up and fuck you as hard as I can coming the instant you close around my cock……

Just to let you know you are still wanted and desired xxxxxx

Work day was busy but uneventful. Went out at lunch with Freya to the local shopping centre. I tried on a dress for work but it was too low cut. I took a photo though in the changing room to send Harvey later 😂 Finished at my usual time and went home to tidy up & prepare tea.

I sent Harvey the photo of the low cut dress.

A: Oh dear! Too low for the office 😂
Home alone entertaining myself, wish you were here to help me out of these clothes…………

I logged into Facebook and the first thing on my timeline was Joy in a very revealing lace up top. Not a nice look at all, she’s not even 15 and it’s completely inappropriate. Furious I text her to ask why her boobs were all over my timeline. She was at football training and didn’t answer. I sent the photo to a group chat of my friends ranting about how inappropriate and rude it was and they all agreed. They asked me what I planned to do if she didn’t delete it and I said I’d confiscate her phone. But then I had a genius idea. I found the top in the wardrobe so I took a photo of myself wearing it with the biggest pout I could do. I sent it to the girls in the chat saying if she didn’t remove it I’d post the photo of us both and ask people to rate us 😂 I’d tag her in it and what did they think? It was a genius move! Anyway she came back and said it was her account and she’d do as she pleased so I text her and warned her that I’d do it, I sent her the photo of me.

She came downstairs and said are you really going to post that? I said yes I’d put both photos on there, within 20 seconds photo was gone & the balance of the world was restored. Mum 1 – Joy 0

It was short lived as 25 minutes later I got a text from Joy’s best friends mum telling me I should write a parenting handbook for teenagers and that I was a genius. I guessed Joy had told her friend. She then went on to say I should be very proud of my awesome breasts as I’ve got a cracking figure for my age!!! Joy had sent her friend a screenshot of the whole conversation ☺️ Mum 1 – Joy 1

Dick is still stocktaking so he was really late home. Frank was out, Joy was shattered after football training so she had a shower and went to bed & I had a peaceful night. No gym tonight, just a perfect chill out evening, I could live on my own quite easily and although I’d miss my children terribly I think I’d be ok. Harvey replied to my photo from earlier.

H: Me too, it’s looking good for next week though xxxxx

A: That’s the best news I’ve heard all day xxxxx

I then sent him the photo of me in Joy’s top with my head cut off so no pout.

A: This is better teamed with the leather skirt……….!

H: Makes my cock tingle xxxxxx

A: My work here is done. I’d make it tingle if I were there.
I’d start by gently tracing my finger up and down your shaft whilst my other hand tickled your balls. My tongue dipping in the tip of your cock. My lips kissing the length of your hard shaft. Taking you fully into my mouth, sucking, licking, nibbling you.
My fingers on the other hand still massaging the bottom of your sack as you come in my mouth as I swallow it all……………

I received a reminder that I needed to submit my mani for a nail art challenge I’m doing so I spent tonight doing that whilst chatting online with the girls. I’d literally just finished as Dick came home. We had a chat about how his work was going and then we sat in silence as we have nothing in common to talk about. As usual my day wasn’t enquiried about, he has absolutely no interest. The house is clean & tidy, the washing gets done, he’s not bothered. Pisses me off, I’m practically the house keeper & au pair. I’m certainly not wanted or desired, I’m literally only needed in a domestic capacity. Really sad. I wish he could see how desperately unhappy I am. It’s no wonder at all why I’ve taken these risks with Harvey. He makes me feel wanted & desired but he also seems to actually give a fuck about me too. We both know neither of us will change our lives and it’s just a great friendship, a connection with the added benefits of sexual attraction. It’s comfortable, we know each other so well. I’m not proud of my behaviour, especially as his wife is so ill, but I can justify the emails, chats & photos to myself. I’d love him to come away next week – I know that’s incredibly selfish given the seriousness of his wife’s illness – but I think we both need this. I’m not banking on it though, we need to be careful and he’ll look like the worlds most selfish twat if he leaves her to go on a jolly with work! We will soon find out! I’m off to bed as I’m exhausted. Tomorrow is another day!








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