28th September

I went to bed a little upset but thought there was little I could do about it. I’d left my phone logged in which I never do but I was glad I had as he replied.

H: I’m cool with that, sulk over xxxxx

A: Good. It’d be a shame to throw the rest of it away. I knew you were sulking 😂 xxxxx

H: Night babe xxxxxx talk tomorrow xxxxx

A: Sleep well sweet dreams xxxxxxx

I finally dropped off and had three hours sleep so not the worst night I’ve had. But once I was awake I got up and dozed on the sofa listening to music quietly.

Got up and showered, and started to get ready for work as I noticed an email come in from him.

H: Morning, slept like a baby, now at at the hospital, catch you as the day progresses.
Hope you got some sleep, is the gym helping in that department?

A: Morning. So glad you got some decent sleep.
I didn’t have the best night but I did get at least 3 hours which is good for me.
The gym is definitely helping so I should have a better night tonight as I have circuit & dance fit.
Have as good a day as you can.

I dried myself off, put my underwear on and sent him a photo before I put my dress on.

A: This is what 9lb weight loss looks like- forgive practical & functional bra & pants. No one to appreciate them 😂

H: Wow, I appreciate it, I didn’t think you could improve on perfection xxxxxx

A: Someone’s on form this morning. Amazing what having some sleep can do!! Xxxxxx

Thought that might make him smile! Went to work and one of my colleagues asked if we’d had an update. I said no. He mentioned he was going to be local to the hospital on Friday and did I think it was a good idea for him to text him and offer to meet up for a coffee. I said there was no harm in offering and I was sure that he’d appreciate the thought even if logistics might not work out. I decided to email Harvey to give him a heads up so he could have chance to decide before he got the text. He replied to say that he’d sort it if it the timings work. My colleague caught up with me later to say he’d sent a message to him and he’d replied to say yes so that’s good.

Work day went quickly after that, I did fail at lunch though as Freya, my work bestie, said we needed cheering up and we had a chicken wrap from KFC. Not the worst thing we could’ve eaten but pretty close. As if that wasn’t bad enough we walked past McDonalds to the car and nipped in for a McFlurry for her, and an apple pie for me!! What diet???? Luckily I was off to the gym tonight so I will work it off was my thinking. Received an email from Harvey.

H: Lol, I’m ready for bed again, I’m not cut out to be a nurse… It’s absolutely knackering xxxxx

A: I can imagine. It won’t be forever and I’m sure she’ll get stronger everyday.
Get some rest when you can xxxxxx

Went home did a few chores and cooked a light tea. Dick is currently in a very busy period of work stocktaking so we didn’t see him until much later. Went to the gym with Joy and did circuit and dance fit. I’m getting the hang of the moves but god it’s exhausting! Such hard work, came home just as Dick got in. Had a bath to discover Frank had ordered pizza!! For fucks sake, my diet has definitely hit the shitter. It’s only one day though and I only had 1 slice. After my bath I had some time to myself as Dick & Joy had both gone to bed & Frank went to the gym with his friends, why he goes so late God alone knows. He’ll no doubt get back around 1am and disturb me. At least he’s getting some exercise. I’ve done my nails again out of utter boredom. There must be more to life than sitting alone every night. I know Dick is very busy at work and exhausted but we’ve barely had a conversation today. I came in from the gym & had a bath, when I got out he’d already gone to bed!! Another night nearer to the holiday and still not booked for fuck sake!! If he’s waiting for me to book it he’s wasting his time because it’s his idea he can crack on! I checked my email before bed and I must still have some kind of connection to Harvey because I logged on as I was clearing my notification emails from this blog one popped in.

H: Night night babe,
Sleep well xxxxxx

A: You too babe xxxx

I stayed logged in on the off chance he wanted to talk but that was it for it for today. I know he’s exhausted so hopefully he’s off to sleep. So I think I’ll do the same. Hoping for 6 hours after my workout, let’s see what tomorrow brings!

I’ll leave you with the song playing as I go to bed.

Beneath your beautiful

Labrinth & Emeli Sande sound so beautiful on this track.



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