27th September

Realitively peaceful night. Only woke up a few times. I received a response from Harvey regarding my breasts photo.

H: Give them both a kiss from me xxxxx

A: consider it done xxxxx

Got up and ready for the work day. It blew massively. The guy that keeps pushing my buttons was in and was so rude & dismissive I had to have it out with him. It ended up being a fifteen minute conversation in private about why he’s so rude, angry & upset. It’s not me, he’s not enjoying his work, not challenging enough etc etc. I’ve suggested that he’s making it harder for himself by behaving like an arsehole and not to take it out on the people that actually help him! All ended well.

Got back to my desk to see an email from Harvey had arrived.

H: What’s happening in your world today?

A: Just busy with work, nothing major.
Hope things are going as well as they can over there.

H: Cool, can I call you in 5 I’m just leaving now

A: Of course, I’m in CR so call when ready

He called and we had a chat for 10 minutes. Things are going as well as they can. Not much to add really. I think he wants to keep a link to the outside world and I’m a useful spy in the camp to keep my ear to the ground for him. A woman of many uses!!

Went back to my desk and I’d received a package, the replacement item came for the chain disaster they sent in error and guess what it’s still not right! But fuck it, it’s not needed now but bloody typical it arrived in time for next weeks away day. Thoroughly pissed off I went home.

Further proof that I’m a fucking idiot I took the package with me 🙈 At least I got to try it on, it fit so I thought it would be only fair to send a photo to Harvey.

A: Replacement item arrived today. Still not right but better than the chains!
So sad it’s arrived for the away day. Suspender straps attached, all that’s missing is the stockings, heels, leather skirt & lacy top………!

I then sent another emailing telling him what he was missing!

A: Imagine you come to my room at the away day after slipping away from everyone. I’m wearing all the things from the last email……….
You kiss me as you unzip my top at the back and pull it over my head.
Your left hand slides into the top of my basque and you squeeze my nipple making it throb. I unbutton your shirt, caressing your chest whilst kissing your neck. Your shirt gets hung on the back of the chair as I beckon you to remove your trousers and sit on the end of the bed. I climb out of my leather skirt. I raise my leg onto the chair that you can see in front of you. As you watch my hands, one hand inside my knickers fingering myself so you can hear just how wet I am. I suck the fingers of my hand and trace a line from my lips to my nipples, taking it in turns to squeeze my nipples and caress my breasts. I sit on the chair as you watch me step out of my knickers and get myself off throwing back my head as I come. You climb off the bed and hungrily bury your head in my sex so you can taste me. With my stocking clad legs still wearing my heels I wrap my legs round your neck as you make me come again in record time …………….!

Home was nice & quiet, I made tea we all sat down together & ate then watched a movie. No drama just business as usual, no gym tonight so a nice relaxing bath & pamper before bed.

Everyone went to bed so I did my nails whilst listening to music. Tonight it was a mixture of Gregory Porter, Kamasi Washington & old school Luther Vandross. I logged on and Harvey had replied to my emails. The first response was to the underwear shot.

H: Looking hot xxxxxx it won’t go to waste we just need to engineer an afternoon in a hotel ASAP

A: I think you’ve got enough on your plate right now!

H: Exactly why I need an afternoon distraction I only need a days notice to arrange cover at this end…..

I’ll be honest that email pissed me off. After feeling so incredibly guilty on Friday about getting him off in the car I thought I’d made it clear that physical contact wasn’t a good idea. Also I’m not some cheap whore that’s going to make up some god only knows bullshit reason for skipping work. I’m really confused as I’ve no idea where his head is at. I replied (vented) in my reply.

A: At the risk of sounding very harsh I’ll not be slipping away whilst your seriously ill wife is in hospital. I feel bad enough about the situation without compounding my guilt by doing that. I’m sorry if that’s not what you want to hear, I’m happy to chat, email, even send photos to keep you smiling & distracted but I can’t meet you for a quickie in a hotel between hospital visits. I thought you understood that after Friday, maybe I wasn’t clear enough so I apologise if you didn’t get that message.
I don’t have the luxury of nipping out for a quickie unless it’s work related so shall we see what happens when the dust settles and you’re back at work??

H: Loud and clear xxxx

Great reply. Short & sweet so I guess that conversation is over isn’t it? There’s absolutely no appreciation for my feelings in this. He obviously thinks I’m a stone cold bitch that just wants a fuck. Awesome, I did think there was more to our friendship but obviously not.

A: Thank you. Are you ok with that or will you sulk?? Xxx

He’all either reply or he won’t. However I realised he’d replied to my detailed email telling him what he was missing.

H: As you come I suck your clit and hold it between my lips pressing my teeth against your pink flesh sucking until you try and push me away I suck harder as your clit grows bigger than it’s ever been, letting go I grab a nipple and lead you to the bed…… face down arse up I can’t help myself as I fuck you from behind fast and hard grabbing your suspended belt for grip as I pull out and come over your arse….

Pulling your hair arching your back I massage my come into your arse cheeks, tracing a finger over your tight ring, circling your rim teasing and teasing as I gently push inside you testing the way for my now hard cock…..

A: All of which sounds amazing and something to look forward to upon your return xxxxxxxx

If he’s put his teddy back in the pram unless of course he’s so fucking sleep deprived he forgot the conversation we had and my emails have made him think I want to see him? Who knows, I’m off to bed as I’m too tired for this shit. Tomorrow is another day!



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