24th September

A lovely lie in for me. I did wake a few times in the night but on the whole it wasn’t too bad, I did get some sleep at least. Mouth still sore but not as bad as it was. Going to stop the painkillers today so we will see how that goes. Gym this morning followed by shopping with  Joy. I logged on and saw a couple of emails from Harvey from the early hours. The first in response to last night email about him still being at the hospital so late.

H: No change, just got home xxxx prognosis is still good for her, it’s going to be a long hard slog
Xxxxx night night

Then he sent me this one:

H: You are on your stocking clad knees sucking my flaccid cock making me hard again, I hold your pony tail tight as I fuck your mouth…..stepping behind you, my cock pressing against your neck, I release your hair sliding the elastic onto my wrist, reaching forward playing with your tits, tweaking both nipples I slide the band from my wrist and twist it in a figure of 8 sliding it over Thelma, she starts to throb and change colour I slap Her friend lightly so both tits are the same colour, one hand reaches for your clit…..

A: You command me to stand up and walk over to the bed. From a bag on the night stand you pull out 5 ties. Taking them you tie my wrists & ankles to the four corners of the bed, with the final tie you blindfold me. You tell me not to move as you kiss and stroke my entire body from head to toe. You remove the hair tie from Thelma and put it on louise and gently stroking where you slapped me. I’m so wet and beg you to fuck me but not yet you say. From the bag you bring out a small vibrator and hold it against my slit, probing in & out as I tense and relax against the restraints. You kiss me hard as I come.
Totally fired up now I tell you to remove these fucking restraints so I can get to you! You do as your told as you need the release as you’re so hard. You lie on your back on the bed, I kiss you as my hands find your hard cock and stroke it, kneeling at the bottom of the bed facing you I suck you hard so you can see me but not touch me. Stroking your balls, tracing my nails across the space between your arse and your scrotum as your cock pulses. My tongues licking your tip as I take you all the way in my mouth, sucking, nibbling. You watch as I use my other hand to play with myself. Squeezing my nipple, pulling off the elastic and stroking both breasts back to their normal colour. Finally my fingers stroking my clit as you come in my mouth and I swallow…………….

H: Yes yes yes, book a room, I nearly shot just reading that

A: My work here is done! You started it though 😂
I just got myself off after sending that. I’m so wet, what a shame you weren’t here. I imagined your fingers doing all the work. It should scare you how much I want you. In me, on me, kissing, touching, fucking me………..!
We need a plan………….. soon.

I eventually got out of bed and got ready for the gym.

Worked out, but bloody exhausted after the last class. Got home quickly changed & went shopping. Joy still isn’t 100% so she didn’t want to head into the city so we just shopped in the local town centre so she could pick up supplies for her art project. We grabbed lunch & then came home to get ready to go out.

Met up with some of Dick’s family for my father in laws birthday, it’s also my nieces boyfriends birthday too so it was nice to see everyone. Joy did my hair bless her and for the first time in a very long time I felt good about myself. Dress, heels, hair & make up done and I was good to go! Had a pleasant night all things considered apart from blowing my diet but these things have to be done & I deserve a treat. We’re all meeting up tomorrow afternoon after Joy’s football match to discuss going away next Christmas. Slightly awkward as I can’t imagine Dick and I will make it to the this one, let alone the year after!! Planning is great but let’s not commit to anything. We’re supposed to be going away in October for Joy’s birthday but we’ve not booked that yet as we’ve only just got Frank’s girlfriends passport back. That’s as far as I’m willing to commit to right now. I’m sat here now typing this and having palpitations at the thought of going away in just over 4 weeks. I just don’t want to think about it at all. Everyone’s in bed as Frank has work, Joy has football & Dick is off walking early tomorrow. Enjoying the peace and emptying my head. I’ve emailed Harvey to let him know he’s on my mind as his daughter moves out today for university.

A: Hope you’ve had a good day and not got too emotional with daughter leaving for uni.
I hope things are as well as they can be under the circumstances.
Thinking of you all xxxxx

I need my bed now though as I’m exhausted!




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