17th September

Up early today even though everyone is off and no one needs a wake up call. Dick was up before me. I did various chores and woke Joy. We were booked into two classes at the gym this morning. Abs blast followed 15 minutes later by dance fit, I must’ve been mad to agree to it!! We walked to the gym with plenty of time to warm up before our first class. On the way there she asked me outright why her Dad was so grumpy all the time and she asked me to be honest about what was going on. I told her that in my honest opinion I didn’t really know and that I think it’s just because he’s stressed at work. I made the point of telling her that whatever happens nothing will change, especially for her. She said she was sad that he was so unhappy and hoped he’d find another job if he’s so miserable. She breaks my heart because she’s so grown up, she said you deserve to be happy mum, I don’t know why he has to be so horrible all the time. How awful that’s she’s picked up on how unhappy we are. I’m so sad she’s clever enough to realise that we’re not getting on. I thought we’d hidden it quite well but obviously not well enough. I told her (lied, basically) that we were both trying hard and hopefully things would improve. That seemed to make her smile. We got through the classes but god it was so hard!! She breezed through it while I nearly died in the first class, she’s a third of my age for Christ sake!!

Got home to find Dick still in his boxers sat on the sofa, apparently we’re not going now to the bird sanctuary as the shows at 1pm and it’s now 12.30! Had he have told me it was a timed thing I could’ve skipped the second class and got back in time. Not to worry though as we can go another time. Luckily the kids weren’t arsed so that’s a bonus 😂 Frank took his girlfriend to her aunts for a visit and when he got back we were talking about fitness and decided to go to a local outlet that sells fitness gear, clothing & machinery. All 4 of us went and actually had a good time together, bought various clothing items & looked at many different dumbbell options. On the way home we popped into Dick’s brothers for a coffee. The boys chatted in the garden whilst I caught up with my sister in law. She was pleased to hear things were better. If I don’t get nominated for an Oscar this year it’ll be a travesty. That’s 2 people today I’ve convinced that things are on the mend!! Got home & ordered a takeaway whilst we watched tv. Can’t remember the last time we did this. Frank had picked up his girlfriend and we had a fun evening. She’s a lovely girl but she’s not the brightest person that’s for sure. She’s makes us laugh with the comments she makes, let’s hope they don’t have children though, the gene pool has been diluted enough I feel. Harsh but true! I heard from Harvey today which was a nice surprise as I wasn’t expecting to. He replied to my email yesterday of the photo of me.

H: Mmmmmmm, that’s it I’m pressing pause on Q3 at Singapore, and going up stairs to stroke one out xxxxxxxx

A: Enjoy xxx

H: Enjoyed xxxxx

A: Good to hear 😘 xx

H: What’s on the agenda tonight? I’m at the village hall for a pie and pea supper….. Rock and roll

A: Take away & movie with the kids. Slight fall off the diet wagon!
Enjoy your supper in the village hall xxxx

It did make me smile to know I’d played a small part in his weekend!

Everyone is now in bed as we’ve an early start tomorrow as we’re all off to support Joy in her football match. It’s an away game about an hour away with a 10am kick off- it’s going to be a difficult match as they’re playing the top team but it’ll be nice to go support and I’m so pleased that Frank and his girlfriend want to come too. A real family weekend. I’m looking forward to cheering her and the girls on!


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