16th September

Actually slept in! I’d updated my iPhone last night and it decided to cancel my alarms!! Usually this wouldn’t be a problem but Sod’s law I’d dropped off to sleep about 4am. Rushed round like a headless chicken getting ready and getting everyone up. Got to work and saw that CR was going to be free in the afternoon so I booked it. I had a telecon at 1pm that I needed privacy for and it had the added bonus of being available for Harvey & I to catch up if the opportunity arose. Had a nightmare morning, got something in my eye whilst sitting at my desk and it wouldn’t budge. A bottle of eye wash didn’t manage to dislodge it so I decided to sit at my desk with my hand over my closed eye and hoped that when it opened it had magically moved. No such luck. Luckily I have a fabulous colleague who offered to try and sort it for me. With my hair in a pony tail and me bent over the sink she managed to flush it out. I look like I’d had a stroke and my eye was incredibly sore. I received an email from Harvey.

H: Morning babe,
I could smell your perfume as you walked past, you smell gorgeous xxxxxxxx

A: Thank you, I think ☺️
Are you off to F***** at lunch?

H: Yes would you like a lift ??

A: Yes please

H: Given who’s in the office, shall we time our exit to suit? Or is it better for me to get your order then eat together with a hug and talk in CR later…..
I’m easy…….

A: Shall we just go to lunch like two colleagues rather than look suspicious by sneaking around?
If you’re uncomfortable I’m happy to just not bother.
I have CR later if you need a hug.

He decided that we’d go.

We went to lunch and picked up food to bring back to the office, he was incredibly brave reaching over in the car to kiss me in the car park. I wasn’t expecting that, we debated whether to pull over somewhere for a fumble but given that we had the CR booked there was no emergent need. Went back to the office to eat lunch.

Went onto the CR for my telecom to discover it’d been cancelled! Messaged Harvey to tell him he could come in when ready. I’d closed the blinds and was sat on my laptop when he arrived. I told him not to lock the door. I just think if the people sat outside can hear it lock it looks more suspicious. He came behind me and kissed my neck whilst I finished sending an email. He told me to stay where I was. He moved my hair and kissed my neck, his hand over my blouse squeezing my breast, other hand under my top, under my bra pinching my nipple. The whole time kissing my ear, neck & lips. Such a turn on. I told him I’m not used to sitting there doing nothing so I got up to join in. Undid my bra but left my top on so he had unrestricted access to my breasts with his hands & mouth. I went to unzip him and he went to lock the door, I told him he couldn’t! He stroked me through my jeans and made a move to undo them but I stopped him as its still a horror show down there. I put my hair in a pony tail and he grabbed my hair as I got to my knees, taking him in my mouth until he came. Hot & heavy. We sat down & made conversation whilst our breathing & demeanour returned to normal. We had a conversation about how he’d rather explain a locked door than explain why I was on my knees with his cock in my mouth 😂 We agreed (again!) that we can’t do this anymore. (I know, I don’t think he believes it either!!). It’s only 3 weeks to the away day, it’ll soon be here. He noticed that there was something wrong with my eye, I think he was worried I’d done it then. Told him it had happened earlier and not to worry.

Continued on with the day at work. I emailed him to thank him.

A: I really needed that hug and all the others things that came with it.
I hope you liked the view from there holding my pony tail while I was on my knees with your cock in my mouth.
Next time we do that I’ll be naked!!!
You have no idea how happy it makes me to get you off. It’s nice to be wanted & desired. Roll on the 7th October. Xxxxxx

H: Me too xxxxxx your breasts are magnificent and I could play with them all day …….. I enjoyed the happy ending WOW wish we could go again xxxxxx
Have a fab weekend xxxxxx

A: Soon! Have a great weekend see you next week if you’re around. I’m having my tooth out Tuesday so I’m working from home but other than that I’m here all week xxxxx

H: See you monday xxxxx have a fab weekend

A: You too babe. Thanks for the distraction xxxx

Got home and the house was empty. As I stripped off to get changed I caught sight of myself in the bedroom mirror. It’s seriously not a good look and the sooner I lose this weight the better. I thought about how hot & heavy things got earlier and I decided that I’d relieve the tension. I sent him a photo as I fingered myself.

A: When you get home to find you’re alone and you’re so horny from what could’ve been this afternoon you have to relieve the tension. Wish you were here. Your tongue followed by as many fingers that fit! Until I can’t hold back and you pull my hair whilst fucking me really hard!
Bring it on xxxxxxxx

Joy bailed on our gym session & Zumba class to go to the cinema with some of her friends. Decided fuck it I’m not going on my own plus I have 2 classes tomorrow so I’m still on target. Dick called to see what time I was off to the gym, I think he was disappointed when I said that I wasn’t going. Told him I had stuff I wanted to do and that it wouldn’t affect his plans. He planned to pick up fish & chips for tea so told him that was fine as I wasn’t planning on cooking his tea anyway! He asked if there was any chance of a truce being called as he’s tired of the atmosphere. I said there doesn’t need to be an atmosphere we could just not talk to each other. Again he apologised and said he was sorry about last night. Told him not to waste his breath, I don’t want to hear it or discuss it. I don’t deserve to be spoken to like that and I’m certainly not putting up with it. Either keep a civil tongue in your head or keep your mouth closed.

He said he meant it. We will see but I’m not optimistic. He came home without tea. Frank went to pick up fish & chips as Dick was in a delightful mood again 😡

After tea he seemed in a better mood and suggested we all go to a bird of prey centre tomorrow as a family. Will be interesting to see what mood he wakes up in tomorrow morning.

We had a peaceful night. We watched tv & he fell asleep with his head on my lap like he used to. I think he did that for my sake, false sense of security doesn’t wash with me though. It’ll last 5 days tops! I had a message from my SIL asking me if I’d thought anymore about meeting her for coffee tomorrow. Told her were off to the bird of prey centre and that we’re trying. Fooled her at least!


Boring is what this family would be without me! I find it strange that me leaving Dick would mean I’m out of the family. They would still be my children’s aunts, uncles etc & I’m their children’s god mother. Good to know that its only as long as I’m married to Dick for fucks sake. Everyone’s in bed and I’m enjoying the peace & quiet. At least tonight has been drama free which makes a very pleasant change. Now if I could get 8 hours sleep that would be amazing! I’d settle for 3 to be fair.


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