12th September

Back to the grind but not before a trip to the dentist! Got up showered, dressed, brushed my teeth and got ready.

I emailed him a photo to start his day!

H: Mmmmmm looking good, I’m now hard in CR what about if I just touch with my tongue xxxxxx

A: No touching at all!
See you later xxxx

H: Understood xxxxx

A: Good! The penalty is too high if you fail xxxxxx

I felt absolutely dreadful but put that down to the upcoming dental visit. But no, the hormone fairy decided now would be an ideal time to start my period! Fucking marvellous.

As I left the dentist with Dick my consultant called regarding my blood tests from Friday. Told me I needed a scan so he could assess what damage if any I’ve done myself. And the icing on the cake? It has to be done Wednesday. It’s the only day he can see me. Well that’s two for two. Period & hospital visit means no fun time with Harvey.

Decided I needed to tell him to his face, not really very fair to email him that news. Arrived at work and got stuck in to my day. I received an email upon my arrival.

H: Morning xxxxx

A:  Morning xxxx
You’re still epically ginger I see 😂

We managed to catch up for a quick chat. No touching just conversation. I told him about having to cancel Wednesday and he said he understood. I felt terrible but it couldn’t be helped. He had to leave for an appointment and shortly afterward I received an email.

H: 😖 Gutted but understand kiss kiss kiss

Just hope it’s not the start of a dear John

A: I’m gutted too. If it was a dear john I’d have said so. I’m very excited for the away day now if we can’t sort something before hand xxxxxx

I carried on with my busy day. I had booked CR so I could have my telecon, when it finished I let him now I was free. He came through and I told him NOT to lock the door, he commented that the blinds were down so I said he could have a cuddle but I was happy to open the blinds if he preferred. I got up to open them jokingly and he came over and kissed me. I think it was evident we’d missed each other. Hands could’ve been everywhere if only I wasn’t a walking horror show below the waist! I went to unzip his trousers and he stopped me. He reminded the door was unlocked and I told him I wasn’t worried and called him a chicken. He unzipped his trousers and I gave him a very happy ending!! I left the CR so he could have his teleconference with a smile on my face. I emailed him later.

A:  Hopefully that put a smile on your face xxx

H: And a tingle down my spine xxxxxx

A: My work here is done then! Xxxxx

H: Are you home alone this evening?

A: No sorry. Madam is in then we’re off to the gym – if by any chance I get opportunity I’ll call xxx

The house was going to be deserted when I got home so I called him to tell him but no reply. I thought he was in the car on the way to tomorrows venue for the meeting.

He called back but we kept missing each other. When  I finally got hold of him I realised he was still at home. I quickly updated him on a work subject so it didn’t look suspicious and left him to it.

I got home and sent him a photo of my me tweaking my breast.

A: Typical, You get home, the house is deserted and there’s no one to FaceTime!
The real reason for my call if you didn’t guess.
Your tongue here on my nipples whilst my fingers do all the dirty work. You’ll have to use your imagination in the hotel tonight.
Your loss babe, big time xxxxxxxx

Then a cheeky short video of me fingering myself.

A: Wet & horny xxxxx

I did my usual chores and went to the gym. Two hours of working out and stretching to hopefully tire myself out. I got home and tided around before my shower. I received an email from Harvey.

H: Evening xxxx just setting off from home xxxx

You’re looking as hot as ever xxxxx

A: Safe journey I’ve just got in from the gym. Enjoy the hotel room & peace xxxx

H: Fucking hell just nearly crashed the car bad bad Ava kiss kiss kiss

A: What have I told you about reading email while driving you fucking idiot?
You’re going to kill yourselves or someone else. I’ve to decide your punishment xxxxx

However I reckon you’ve been punished enough. Fuck it. See you Thursday xxxx

Showered and took a few photos to send Harvey but deleted them. I think he’d had enough for one day. I don’t know whether it’s because of my hormones, or I’m just that way out but something was niggling me and I couldn’t put my finger on it. A few discrepancies are creeping in and although I shouldn’t care (and I don’t at all) but I feel like I’m being deceived. He has no reason to lie to me, we have an open and completely transparent relationship I just think there’s something he’s not telling me. We will soon see I’m sure but for now I think I need to pull back a little and not give so much of myself. Just before I went to bed I got an email.

H: Just landed at the hotel, knackered but I think I’ll sleep ok xxxxx

A: Thanks for letting me know you made it. Night babe sleep well xxx

Tomorrow is another day!




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