11th September

Had a decent nights sleep for a change. Had a lie in reading the news etc. Decided to have a lazy morning before dragging my arse out of bed to crack on with the chores. I read my emails and was pleased to see one from Harvey.

H: Morning, made it back okxxxxxx
Trust me you are the right flavour of vanilla xxxxxx
See you tomorrow xxxxxxxx

A: Glad you arrived back ok, bet you’re knackered.
See you tomorrow babe xxxxxx

I realised I’d better clear my internet history up from last nights research but not before I screen shot it and sent it to him.

A: Last nights homework. I’ve just deleted my history 😂


I hope it makes him smile. That sent I got up washed & dressed and on with my day! Did some basic tidying up, washer, dishwasher & drying etc then went & did some gardening. Decided we needed to go food shopping so did that too. Had a coffee and saw some emails from Harvey in response to my research screenshot!

H:  Cool, and the outcome of this research? Did you get wet and horny? Did anything float your boat? If not I’ll stick to tongue and fingers xxxxxxx

H: Can you talk without risk? I’m just out shopping on my lonesome xxxx

H: Hi babe, just leaving the shops now, hope you have had a fab weekend, I’m out with the in laws later It’s *his daughters* birthday today!!!!
Tomorrow can’t come soon enough!! I’ve never said that about a Monday at work! The power of *my actual real name* xxxx

Wow! Bit gutted I missed the chance to speak to speak to him but that’s a good thing, it’s not always wise to have too much of a good thing. I’m very relieved to hear the news that sex toy isn’t a deal breaker and that he’s willing to stick to fingers & tongues if need be. Outraged that he used my actual real name for fucks sake!!! Some point having new emails & keeping it on the low. I replied.

A: Sorry I missed you babe. Been busy gardening, shopping and all round domestic goddess. Hope *…….* has a great birthday! Have a great time with the family I know how much you love your in laws 😂😂 keep calm. Tomorrow will soon be here, see you in CR about 1. It’s going to be entertaining staying away from each other all morning! I’m in a little later as I’m at the dentist first thing so that should make it easier lol!
See you tomorrow xxxxxxxxx
PS. Question, who the fuck is *my name*???

H: Sorry I meant Ava xxxxx

A: Too fucking right! And don’t you forget it. I’m currently deciding what your punishment is going to be!

I decided I needed a chill so I generally pampered myself in a nice long hot bath! While in there I thought about what a reasonable punishment would be. Whilst shaving I decided that I’d ban him from touching me tomorrow. I imagine that would be suitable, after all it’s been 3 weeks with no physical contact. Another couple of days should ensure he’ll not make that mistake again! I sent him an email informing him of my decision with the attached;



A: Your punishment has been decided. For calling me by the wrong name in an email you will not be allowed to touch me tomorrow. You can speak to me, you can email me but there will be no physical contact whatsoever.
You will learn your lesson!
AVA (just in case you’ve forgotten)

I got out of the bath and sure enough he’d replied.

H: Xxxxx that could be difficult xxxxx does that mean you can touch me? Xxxxxx

Night night AVA!! Xxxxxx

Sorry it won’t happen again, I will take my punishment like a good little boy ….. It will however intensify the 14th xxxxxxx
Night babe xxxxx

A: Good to hear, however you need to know that if you fail the punishment will be much worse. I’ll cancel the 14th. It’s in your own hands……..!
It doesn’t mean I can’t touch you though. I’m cruel but fair xxxxxxx
Night babe xxxxx

He’ll read that in the morning no doubt and piss himself laughing! But the funny thing is I’m not joking, he needs to learn his lesson!



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