Weekend is here, can I just stay in bed?

The urge to stay in bed and do absolutely nothing is overwhelming. There’s not a bit of me that wants to get up & join humanity today. Tired, banging headache & I ache all over. I considered going to the gym but it’s probably not a good idea as I’m already struggling. Plus I’ve to get ready for playing corporate wife this afternoon – deep joy! Dick’s hosting some corporate bullshit at the football so I have to be all smily and friendly, which will kill me as I’d like to take a cut throat razor to him at the moment. I did think about not going but I actually enjoy football so I’d only be punishing myself plus I get to see some of the other wives. I will have a lazy morning getting ready at my leisure. He’s already realised he has to be nice to me today so he’s started the charm offensive but he’s wasting his time. I will play the lovely wife in public but he can fuck right off if he thinks I’m going to forget this week. I have loads going on and he’s not helpful at all.  I wish I didn’t care and it didn’t hurt as much as it does but feeling sorry for myself helps no one, especially me!

I think my hormones are all over the place too. I’m sure I’m going to come on my period again early, not what I need right now! I’m so looking forward to next week and that would ruin it completely. In fact there’d be no point going at all. I’m sure we could still have some fun, but selfishly I want the whole experience! I want all the things we’ve talked about, his tongue, fingers & cock inside me. No rushing, one ear out listening for people. I want to be able to relax & enjoy it all. I need to be fucked, licked, fingered & held. I want his face buried in my sex with his hands on my breasts. I want my legs over his shoulders as he fucks me while I raise my hips to meet him. I want to sit on his face and grind my clit over his teeth while he fingers my arse. I want to fuck him facing away from him so he can see my arse, I’m looking forward to it all and if I come on none of that will happen! However writing this has had an effect so I’m off to sort myself out. Get myself off, get up, showered & ready for the day.


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