10th September

I decided to cast off my misery and embrace the weekend. I only have this life, I might as well make the best of it.


I got my arse in the shower and got ready. Decided I wasn’t going to make too much effort as I couldn’t be arsed. Jeans, shirt & heels was all I bothered with. Did my face & hair and I was ready to go. I told Dick before I left the house that I would be cordial, smily and on my best behaviour but we were not ok. Not by a fucking long shot, but I’d play the game today and that was all.

Arrived at the stadium and met the other 18 people. Deep joy, I was expecting 8 but hey, I adapt. I was a great corporate wife, said all the right things and made new friends. (None of which I’ll ever see again!) Match wasn’t great but the experience itself was quite good. 3 course meal, all the alcohol you could drink, snacks & a lovely commemorative pen 😂 The joys of sponsoring the match ball.

I didn’t drink, wasn’t even tempted. I did eat chocolate though but hey – I’ve done well this week so I’m not beating myself up. Game over we set off in the car, he thanked me for going and being amazing as usual. I said no worries and left it at that. He continued to say he was sorry, he’s an idiot, it’s just work etc etc. I told him I didn’t want to hear it, too little, too late. I’m done. He said he knows that, he wishes he never said the things he said and he’s really sorry about sending the photo of the glass of wine. We need to work together to make this work, he’s struggling but he doesn’t know what to do to help. I told him that the only way was to be honest and stop being an arsehole! He said he’d try. I’ve told him I’ve reached my limit of putting up with his shit. I’m not doing everything for everybody any more. I’m tired of being everyone’s go to girl for everything. The house, the shopping, the cooking I’m done doing it all by myself. If I learnt anything from falling off the wagon, it’s that I’ve reached my capacity for living like this. I need to get back on track. I’ve made a start by eating healthily & joining the gym. I just need to get my head sorted now.

I got home and checked my emails. I was delighted to see one from Harvey in reply to last nights reply to say I was in the gym.

H: Well done keep it up xxxxxx

A: Thank you I plan to!
Spent the day at the football as a corporate wife, deep joy! Hope you’re getting ready to board and return home. Safe journey babe xxxxx

I then saw 2 more that made me hold my breath.

H: You step out of the bath covered In suds, I towel you dry with a big fluffy hotel towel, you sit on the edge of the bed as I massage your feet rubbing sensual massage oil into your skin, working my way up your exquisite calfs and on to your thighs, I massage close to your shaved slit but don’t quite touch you, onwards to your stomach and perky breasts, more oil makes the slips and I focus on your nipples, squeezing them out of hiding and tweaking quite hard you arch your back and touch yourself, holding one breast in both hands I squeeze and gently twist, you moan and dip inside yourself, I reach across to the bag on the bedside table and take out 2 prices of small silk tying a slip knot in each I pinch your nipples hard and slide the red silk over each in turn pulling it tight to the base of your hard nipples, your fingers start to go faster as I reach inside the bag again, this time I pull out a long thin elasticated rope, you look puzzled as I move down your body kissing your clit on the way to your feet…..
I tie one end to your big toe the other to the silk on your nipple, with your legs bent the rope is tight, as I tickle your feet you straighten your legs and pull your own nipples hard, you are in charge and I watch as you frantically finger yourself whilst seeing how hard you can stand your nipple been pulled as you come you arch your back and straighten your legs xxxxxx. Good girl Ava I say reaching in the bag again ………..

I pull out a small velvet bag you look worried and remind me of your latex allergy, I smile and reassure you this isn’t latex….. It’s solid glass and quite small I shuffle down the bed and bury my face into your sex licking slurping and nibbling your clit, licking the rim of your arse and watching it twitch in anticipation as I slowly push the rose pink glass butt plug against your tight arse it stretches you and slides in easy your arse closing around the thin shaft…..

A: Fuck me! You really are a dark horse aren’t you? Have I told you how very vanilla I am?
This intrigues me I’m not going to lie.
I need to do some online research before I respond to this one properly.
After I get myself off obviously! Something to look forward to upon your return to England xxxxxxx

H: Xxxxxxx night night xxxxxxxx

A: You were amazing by the way. Your words definitely helped get me off.
Can’t wait to see you. Safe journey home xxxx

I spent a eye watering night checking Google for sex toys & ideas for my response to Harvey. I hit a massive brick wall, I’m just too vanilla I think. I don’t want to disappoint him but I’m going to have to moderate his expectations I think before he expects some super cool sex vixen and gets Miss Mary Jane homemaker 😂

It’s been a hell of a long day so I’m off to bed.




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