7th September

Another rubbish nights sleep again but it’s par for the course now. I got Dick up for work and wrote up yesterday’s blog post. Got Joy up for her first full day at school as she didn’t go in until 11 yesterday! Total trauma and stress this morning as she was supposed to have an early night but that was never going to happen. Teenagers know so much better than us adults don’t they? So I finally got her out of bed, busied myself getting ready for work and thought it was far too quiet in her room. I can usually hear on facetime to one of her friends whilst she gets ready. So I go in to find she’s climbed back into bed and gone back to sleep. Fuming, got her up and told her to get a move on. Her bag wasn’t ready, she needed her PE kit – total nightmare. She’s in her last year of school, how can she not be ready???  Anyway my day wasn’t off to the best start. Tired and grumpy I arrived at work.

Today is a monthly meeting that I dread, we literally get the whole team together and its death by powerpoint. Our senior manager leaves a lot be desired in terms of presentation. Honestly, it’s like watching and listening to paint dry – Excruciating!! I have a particular seat usually, a chair with arms mid room to the side with a little alcove in between two tables so I can get up and move around if I need to. But not today Peter is sat there and I resisted the urge to ask him if he wouldn’t mind moving, after all it’s not like I had reserved it. (But I do normally throw my cushion on there as soon as I can) One of my other colleagues commented that he’d sit near me as I usually sit across the room. Peter decided to admit he took that seat deliberately to stop me getting it as it must be good as I always have it!! I pointed out the reason I have it and he said he’d move if I wanted him to. Told him I’d live. He then decided to make a comment about my shoes being really high and that I wouldn’t have this problem with my back if I wore flat shoes. Cheeky bastard!! My other colleague told him he was either brave or stupid. I told him that actually I would be in more pain if I wore flats and my chiropractor agrees, I’ve been in heels for over 30 years and the issue is from a car smash I had when I was 17. Moron!!

I just got on with my day after that. Kept my head down, I’d bought in lunch as I’m on it now. I will lose this weight and get fit – or die trying!!

I logged on my personal email to see that Harvey had replied to my email last night asking him what he wanted me to do to him.

H: You push me on the bed and straggle me holding my ankles you bounce rhythmically on my cock I watch and take pleasure in seeing you slide up and down my length, watching your arse twitch as your muscles tighten, you feel me tensing to come so you stop and slide me out of you, moving backwards you push your sex I to my face…. To stop me coming you grab the base of my cock and apply pressure until I start to droop a little. You take me in your mouth and make me rock hard whilst you grind your clit into my face my tongue is out and you control the pressure and location moving your hips to make me dip into your pink sweet sex then grinding my tongue onto the sweet rosebud of your tight arse then back to your clit all the time my cock is in your mouth as your head bobs up and down your hand gently squeezing my ball a finger touches my arse and I explode in your mouth without warning, you swallow and hold me in your mouth as you grind your ass into my tongue coming over my fingers that have just found your g-spot.. You roll of turn around and kiss me, a long lingering kiss that builds in intensity, you play with my limp cock gradually get the blood to flow as I get harder and harder…. I need a rest and you have been a good whore, I reward you by putting you across my knee and gently strike and caress your arse cheeks massaging them and occasionally dip inside with my fingers, you are so wet my fingers glide ……..

Whoa!! That was definitely ticking boxes for me. I could barely breath at my desk. I quickly replied.

A: Yes please!
So not fair to send this when I can’t do anything about it!
Will respond later xxxxxxx

After 5 minutes I decided I needed to do something about that. I slipped into the ladies toilet with my phone and took a photo of me getting myself off. Finished myself off and sent him an email with the photo attached.

A: I had to go sort myself out after that email. You’re turning me into a horny office dirtbag 😂
So wish you were here to taste me. I was so wet and such a shame to waste it xxxxxx

Finished work. Went home made tea & got ready for the gym 😏

I wasn’t joking when I said I needed boot camp. Myself & Joy walked up to see about booking an induction and signed up on the spot, we planned to have a look round and maybe use the treadmill. The lady taking our details said there was a dance fit class in 10 minutes if we wanted to join in. It was a fun class but Christ I’m so unfit!! Joy was completely in her element until we found out there was Dumbbells involved- I’m going to ache tomorrow mark my words! While waiting for Joy to finish on the treadmill I checked my emails. Harvey had replied to my photo from the ladies earlier.

H: Me too, not long now Babe, night night xxxxx I look forward to seeing tomorrow’s underwear choice xxxxxx

A: I think you may be disappointed – I’ve done an hour of dance fit with weights & 20 minutes on the cross trainer at the gym. I’ll be lucky if I can even move😂
Night babe xxxx

I got home and before I showered I took a photo of me in my very unsexy sports bra. Subject header was Sexy.

A: Underwear not!
Sports bra tonight as I’ll have the arms of a T Rex tomorrow 😂😂

I had a shower & washed my hair and chilled for the rest of the evening.


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