6th September

Didn’t have the best night sleep but once I’d got Dick up for work I must’ve drifted back off. I was solidly asleep so I woke with a start when my alarm went off. I had those creases all over my arm & face where I’d slept. I looked like the elephant man!!

Quick shower and off to work feeling like shit. It’s safe to say the alcohol from the weekend is struggling through my system so I only have myself to blame.

I had a nice surprise though this morning, an unexpected call from Harvey. (Well he had emailed me to say he’d call in 5 minutes but I hadn’t seen it!).

It was so good to hear from him, I walked away from my desk & sat in a small meeting room, we chatted generally and he asked how I was since I’d fallen off the wagon. I was honest and said that I was suffering but only had myself to blame. He reminded me that it was ok to fall off as long as I got back on it! I’ve assured him that I am. It’s all good. He thanked me for the photo I sent yesterday and I apologised that I really should’ve looked at it before I sent it as it wasn’t very pretty (I really need a shave!) and he disagreed and said it was gorgeous and that he can’t wait to get his tongue in there with his fingers. He admitted he was hard thinking about it, I have to admit I had a reaction myself sat in that room. It’s so nice to be wanted & desired. I’m so looking forward to the 14th I just hope that I don’t start to stress beforehand, I’ve never been this open & honest and I’m not the bold confident woman I claim to be in the emails. Talking to him though on the phone gets me very hot!

I emailed him to thank him for the call.

A: Thanks for the chat, lovely surprise and start to my day xxxx

I logged on later and found the following email from him:

H: Likewise xxxx I’m still unsure how the sound of your voice can get me hard but it does…

Thinking of the last pic you sent…. I want to be knelt on the floor with you on the bed using both hands to open your sex, pulling your lips wide and stretching you open so I can bury my tongue deep inside greedily licking and slurping your juices, holding you open so I can admire your pink shiny slit before I slide 2 fingers from each hand inside pulling you wide open so I can get my tongue in deeper and make you so wet that my fingers easily slide back and forth 2 at a time rhythmically so each stroke starts with 4 fingers 2 fingers 4 fingers faster and faster I’m so close I see your clit starting to grow kissing her gently to start with I build up pressure sucking her harder than it has ever been sucked nibbling with my lips as you come over my fingers…… I hold your clit between my lips as I find your wet slippy arse with my little finger forcing a away in making sure it’s slippy enough for the end of my cock to press past your tight ring…
Standing up I position my bellend against your arse and slowly push until your arse gives and I enter you ever so slowly with the tip of my cock just as you gasp I pull out and drop to my knees my tongue probing where my cock has just been, with one hand just above you slit pulling back to free your clit my thumb circles it fast and hard bringing you to another loud orgasm xxxxxxxxx

Please send more pics, I expect your own wet and going to do something about it xxxxxxxx

Woah! Reading that at my desk was interesting I went very hot and red. I quickly rushed off to the bathroom to read it again properly. I decided I needed to relieve the tension there and then but not before stopping to take a photo to send Harvey:

A: YOU Got me so hot with that last email I had to lock myself in the cubicle and get myself off. I’m so fucking horny right now! That’s a first for me, never done that at work ☺️ apologise in advance for the state of me but I will be shaving tonight and I will send new photos I promise.
Even my nails are naked 🙈

H: Xxxxxxxx not missing you xxxxxxxxx

A: Liar – you miss me completely, all of me! Some parts more than others admittedly.
How much do you wish you were here right now? CR door locked, blinds down, my knickers in my handbag and your tongue inside me, licking & sucking my clit. Your hand reaching up squeezing my nipples. You fingers leave my breasts so that you can finish what you started with your tongue. I sat back on a chair as your fingers bring me to another amazing orgasm. I stroke your rock hard cock while I recover. Taking you in my mouth sucking the tip of your cock, my fingers grip the shaft rocking backwards & forwards almost bringing you to climax but you stop me by using the safe word lobster. You ask me to lie down on my back on the table, pulling me forwards to the edge, with my legs over your shoulder so you can fuck me until we both come.
For the record I wish you were here too!

H: Xxxxxx I have just brought myself off in the lake!! That’s the power you have over me xxxxxx
I desire you so much monday can’t come soon enough xxxxxxx

I checked his calendar as I didn’t think he was back in until Tuesday.

A: Newsflash I’m not in first thing Monday as I’m at the dentist and I’ve just checked your calendar you’re in ******* Monday!
Tuesday you’re at **** for *****
Wed either at **** for ****** or *******!
Thurs & fri here!
I’ll see you Wednesday xxxxx

H: I have declined ****** so I’ll be in then down to ****** late afternoon Monday.

How is your afternoon shaping up?

I’m just thinking of my first beer, once this cock has gone down so I can stand up xxxxx

A: Hope I’m in before you leave, You make me laugh, thanks for that. Hope your hard on has subsided and you’re enjoying your beer.
My afternoon is rock n roll spreadsheets. However I did buy a skirt at lunchtime that I’ll think you like, I’ll send you a photo later xxxxx

I tried the skirt on on the ladies and it looks ok, short & slutty enough to work I think! I left it at work though as I need to slip it into my overnight bag for next month.

I got home and emailed him.

A: No spoilers as I left it at work! But I tried it on in the ladies and I think you’ll like it very much. Can’t wait for the overnight so you can see the full effect, plus I’m hoping I’ve dropped a few pounds by then lol xxxxx

H: You will drop Lbs easily once you put your mind to it, however you have no need to, I’ve seen you naked and you have curves in all the right places xxxxxx
Night babe, quick shower for me then a tuna salad, followed by a game of cards accompanied by wine then bed xxxxxx
Sweet dreams xxxxxx

A: Charmer!
Night babe enjoy the family time & sleep well xxx

I had my bath and took some photos for him of me looking nice & tidy and covered in soapy bubbles. I sent them in an email headed wish you were here?

A: I’m all shaved & started without you xxxx

H: Wow, the 14th is going to be spectacular, I’m going to make you my Whore and give you so many orgasms and make your clit so sensitive you won’t be able to touch it until the weekend …… Xxxxxxxxx

A: Bring it on ❤️
Make sure I can still walk though when you’ve finished right?
What do you want me to do with you????? Xxxxxx

I am so excited still for this. It’s a great distraction from the day to day shit going on. I’ve stuck to my calories goals and although I didn’t exercise it was a very long day.








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