5th September

Following on from my earlier post I’m on it!

H: Babe, things are all good here, xxxxx
Still not missing you xxxxxx

A: Good. Glad you’re having a great time.
No me neither 😂

I realised that he never sends new emails he just replies to the latest in the chain and as I’m slightly paranoid that it leaves a trail I went in to tidy his email box.

Yes the photo of me from Saturday was still there!! He’s such a clown. I decided that I needed to delete all the evidence so I cleared all his sent items and the items in inbox that he’d read. I felt better after that! I emailed to tell him what I’d done. He won’t mind as I set the account up and set his password so he’s said previously I can do what I need to. I did feel slightly guilty though that he no photos so I sent him a cheeky one of me fingering myself. Only he, Dick and my gynocologist would be able to recognise me and frankly she’s seen so many I doubt she would on reflection 😂

A: Needs a shave, your fingers & your tongue. Some parts of me miss you more than others. Just got myself off remembering the last time when you had your head up my dress……….

H: Mmmmmmmmmmmm I wish I could taste you right now xxxxxx

A: It will all be yours to do as you wish!
I’m looking forward so much to not looking over my shoulder and taking our time.
I want to be able to do all the things we’ve talked about (in between lots of breaks to recover ha ha).

Slowly and carefully taking off my clothes letting you see me properly fully naked for the first time. Totally exposed and open for you.


I then went in the bath.

H: Yea please… But leave the stockings on for me, that would be a turn on and a treat, Lobster is the safe word …… I’m going toy Shopping as I can’t last for hours so a small vibrator might help me to make you come while I recover…..
Q what’s the most orgasms you have had in one session?
Q how many fingers is enough?
Night babe looking forward to next week xxxxx

A: Consider it done!
No toys needed babe I’m not THAT demanding trust me. It’ll be nice to spend some quality time honestly.
Answers to the questions honestly!
1 – I’ve never counted, probably 3 in one session!
2 – not really experienced I’d say 2 at the most.
I’m looking forward to finding out though!
Night babe sleep well xxxx

I cannot wait to spend time with him alone. It’s going to go so quickly so I have to make the best of it, after all one session with him might be all I get. He’ll probably decide I’m too vanilla or not experienced enough. I hope that’s not the case though but it is a worry. We will know next week!

And on that happy note I’m off to bed.


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