23rd – 26th August

Very limited communication as he’s away. Which wasn’t a problem and totally expected. I kept myself busy and started writing this blog which kept me entertained and out of mischief.

I sent him the link in an email.

A: Top one is latest you’ll need to scroll down to start at the bottom
I’ll send you links as they go live.

H: A quick Kiss for you xxxxxx I will catch up later xxxx

Wow, just had a spare moment to read your blog, wow, extremely eloquent and professional xxxxxxxx

So looking forward to the 14th, Hard just thinking about our time together
A long gentle kiss until you bite my lip… I pull your hair back to expose your neck kissing and nibbling down to the top of your chest my hands searching for nipples to squeeze, tugging both at the same time you step out of your dress….. I gasp at the sexiest underwear I have ever seen. I step back to admire the view xxxxxxx

A: Thank you that’s a nice compliment. I’ve got a few in drafts ready for posting which are just cut & paste with a little context as I remembered.
Will post later.

Cannot wait until the 14th so looking forward to that xxxx

H: Night night xxxxx

A: I push you back across the room to the chair and tell you sit.
I unbutton your shirt whilst kissing you, and slip it off your shoulders. My hands undo your belt and zip releasing your cock from its restriction. Gently stroking it back & forth as I’m on my knees, kissing, licking and taking the shaft fully into my mouth. It’s too much for you though as its been so long you can’t hold back and come in my mouth. I swallow it all and stand up and walk across the room.
I hit play on my phone and Halestorm’s I like it heavy plays as I strip tease slowly out of my underwear. My hands everywhere I want yours to be. I’m now stood there naked except for my stockings & heels I return to the chair and take your hand and lead you over to the bed. I tell you that I’m all yours and you can do whatever you want to me………….

H: Kissing your neck, tracing my tongue on to your nipples, nibbling them hard before pulling gently as move down your body my tongue seeking your wet sex, gently licking your clit, my finger and thumb stretching your lips and releasing its pinkness from her hood, sucking her into my mouth and holding her with my teeth gently applying pressure with my teeth
To stop the blood returning , your clit is at my mercy as my tongue circles and circles I pinch your nipple hard as you come for the first time…. Releasing my teeth from your swollen clit I press her back into your body squashing her against you until you relax…
I’m hard as hell and want to be inside you, I roll you over and pull your arse towards me I fuck you fast and hard controlling myself so I don’t come just yet you suck your sex from my cock as I lay down on the bed.
You straggle my cock and I watch as you control the speed and bring yourself of with your fingers…. My hands on your arse cheeks I pull you forward your stocking clad thighs either side of my face as you grind you’d self into my face, I have one hand squeezing your tit and the other reaching around probing your tight arse…..

Morning babe I can talk for the next 20 minutes or so as I’m stuck I traffic on my loan some xxxxxx

A: Sorry I missed you babe! And yes that all sounds perfect can’t wait for 14th but the overnight on the 7th is going to be so good too xxxxx

H: Couldn’t agree more, xxxxxx night night xxxx

And then the next day the shit hit the fan with absolutely no warning!





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