22nd August

I treated him to a photograph of my glorious breasts to start his day off.

H: Very perky xxxxxx

I was summoned to CR just after 12 so we could have lunch together. Well the only thing that got eaten was me and him. Door locked, blinds down, dress hitched up & hard cock through the zip in his trousers. He took charge and expertly got me off, I took him fully into my mouth and brought him almost to climax but he ordered me to bend over the cupboard so he could fuck me until he came. I had the room booked all afternoon as I had a teleconference. He left to pick us up lunch but ate his at his desk.

H: Lol, any idea how to get glitter from skin and trousers? Xxxxxx
Wow what a rush, I think I am back to normal now, I would love to sit and eat with you but fear everyone will see straight through me xxxxxxx

A: Well the glitter isn’t from me babe so you’d better ask the one from this morning 😂😂 I’m very careful to only use face cream etc and zero make up!

It’s fine, I know now I’ve fulfilled my usefulness you’ve no need for me…………! Ha ha ha ha
In related news I’m now in clean pants & all tidy!
Definitely need to stop taking those risks, however after that epic orgasm I can’t wait for the hotel!
And breathe………..! Xxxxxx

We didn’t get another chance to catch up as work got in the way. When I got home he’d emailed me.

H: Evening Babe,
Sorry I didn’t get to CR this afternoon work got in the way !!! Xxxxxx

A: That’s what we’re paid to do at the end of the day.
Have a nice evening xxx

H: God knows where the glitter has come from??
Hope you enjoyed this morning as much as I did xxxxx you taste fantastic xxxxx

A: Genuinely have no clue I wasn’t wearing any underwear and there’s none on there. I used a body moisturiser this morning but it has no glitter- sorry babe I can’t help you clear that one up!

H: Bizarre, it’s all good xxxxx

A: Indeed it is!
Enjoy the gym xxx

H: I may not get there, I have a holiday to pack for and am fast running out of time xxxx

A: Oh dear! No rest for the very wicked!
I’m sure you’ll get sorted xxx

H: You certainly sorted me earlier! Xxxxx

A: Indeed I did. Something to remember me by when you’re away!
Mind you you’ll be on holiday so you’ll have plenty of access to sex!
Enjoy xxxxx

H: I wish that were the case, but I live in hope xxxx night night babe xxxx

A: Night babe!
I hope you get rewarded , it would be a shame for those talents to be wasted xxxx





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