21st August

Quiet day for contact. He was finishing the last day of his trip then travelling home, with it being a Sunday I had plenty to do being the fabulous all round, wife, mother and domestic goddess that I am!

A: I got 7 hours sleep!!!!!!
I hope you got a decent night too.

H: I didn’t get in until 4! On the plus side I went straight to sleep! Managed a pissed 4 hrs, still pissed now but so are the rest of the crew! It must be nice to wake up and feel good! Xxxxx

A: Dirty stop out! Sounds like a good night but you’ll pay for it today ha ha!
I’m going out for breakfast as I’ve woken up starving so I’m on the mend at least. Didn’t really manage to eat anything yesterday.
Have a good day and take it easy if you’re still pissed xxxxxx

H: Driving home now for the next four hours or so if you can chat give me a call if not see you tomorrow kiss kiss kiss

A: Fucking typical as he’s just come home 😂
Safe journey home xxx

I did get chance to call but didn’t manage to reach him.

H: Missed your call, bad signal area xxxx

A: Not to worry. See you tomorrow xx

A little disappointed that we missed an opportunity I decided to give him a reward by deciding that I’d film myself in the shower like you do!

I sent him a few photos in the end as the film was horrific!!

H: Very nice wish I was there to give you a helping hand an tongue. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm I’m hard xxxxxxx thank you xxxxxxxx

A: You’re welcome. Video was horrific, like two rhinos humping 😂
See you tomorrow! Sweet dreams xxxx

H: Funny, just about home now so night night sweet dreams I’ll see you tomorrow xxxxxx





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