20th August

I struggle really badly with insomnia so looking back at my emails it would appear that in the early hours I emailed him. My GP had prescribed me with a medication to hopefully relieve the insomnia and help with the headaches that I keep getting. It’s also an anti-depressant but I’m not to think about it in that way. I lost my mom earlier in the year and I’ve really struggled, hopefully this will help a little with that too. Looking online at information about this drug though it states the one of the side effects is impulsive or compulsive behaviour. I’m thinking it’s no co-incidence that I’ve lost my mind and behaving so outrageously!

A:  Had an hours sleep and now wide awake. These drugs are totally not working!!
Amusing myself with thoughts of how wild the last few weeks have been, no regrets though it’s been a blast. Seems there’s still life left in the old dog after all. Loving how easy it is to tell you what I want and how you respond, the most open & honest relationship I’ve ever had. Really looking forward to 14th, can’t wait to be alone with you properly with nothing to disturb us, but my god the overnight is going to be even better.
I’ve been online and bought an outfit I think you’ll like, getting it delivered to work so I don’t have to bring it from here, can’t wait for you to see me in it. I’ll be all yours to do with as you want………..!
Lying here thinking about it has me wet, I wish you were here with your fingers rubbing my clit, your tongue on my nipples, teasing me getting me ready for your cock. Getting me wetter so you can bring your finger to my tight arse hole using my own wetness to lubricate it so your finger slides in…………..!
I want you so much xxxxxxx

H: I had 2 tramadol and normally that would knock me out, occasionally it keeps my mind active and I just lay there with my eyes closed but my mind working overtime,
I recounted the last couple of weeks and wow what a blast, made all the better for both of us been open and honest and with the same home life, TBH this has probably saved my marriage, it’s certainly made it more bearable and we are so in tune sexually it’s awesome…..

You are on your back knees bent and holding your ankles in a self bondage way, no ropes you just aren’t allowed to let go, if you do you have to face the punishment…..
With your legs spread I bury my face in your sex licking and teasing your clit, forcing my tongue inside then back to your clit…. I nibble a bit 2 hard and you Yelp and let go of your ankles……I stop pleasuring you and put you over my knee…. Once your arse has turned light pink you apologise and resume the position your clit is purple and visibly throbbing, with 2 fingers inside you my thumb presses down and slides over you clit every time my fingers dip inside, rough and fast you come quickly but you let go again….
I have no choice but increase the shade of pink to red as I slap your arse…. Again you apologise and resume the position I kneel In front and lift your legs as I slide inside your wet pussy faster and faster until I’m on the edge of coming, I hold back and fuck your clit with my cock as you come again bad Ava lets go of her ankles, this time the punishment is different I still have you legs and I raise them higher my cock pushes past your wet arse and I fuck your tight hole and come instantly, you apologise for letting go……….

He then sent me a photo of him the shower!

H: Flaccid after just stoking one out thinking of you xxxxx

A: I’m sure I could get you hard again……..!
So wet after reading your last message I’ve had to relieve the tension too.
Thank you xxxxxxx

I decided to reward him with a photo of me fingering myself telling him that I needed a shave.

H: And a good licking xxxxx

A: And fingering, fucking & being bought to a spectacular orgasm by your good self…………….!

H: I’m your man xxxx

A: For the purposes of that exercise and for a few hours on the 14th indeed you are! XXXX

H: I see what you are saying, that’s what I meant xxxxx

A: I know, we just need the occasional reminder 😘
I think when we’re alone together it should just be about us though. Just us, our needs & wants only. We deserve that at least!
Genuinely can’t wait, get wet just thinking about the possibilities. No man has ever made me feel hornier or more wanted! Xxxxx

Later I saw a photo on Facebook that I saved and sent him:


A: I couldn’t agree more 😂😂 xx

H: Too true, hope I don’t go flat ……

A: I can blow you xxx

H: Definitely want blowing, I am free to chat if you are able xxxx

A: Fuck yeah blowing is always an option!
Sorry I can’t talk Dick is downstairs so can’t risk it. He’s out tomorrow though either walking or fishing so I may even be able to FaceTime………!

I’ve recently introduced him to a load of bands that he wasn’t aware of and so far he’s liked all of my choices. I saw online that you me at six were touring and I emailed him to say it was a shame we weren’t a legitimate couple as it would’ve been great to go.

He replied to say it’s a shame. He still might go and take his daughter with him.

I was epically bored so started looking online at erotic blogs to give me some ideas as I’m pretty vanilla. I found this image and sent it to him:


A: Finding & reading erotic blogs.
I really liked this image as it could easily be yourself & I xxxxx

H: Back in the room, I’m alive and looking forward to Monday, the picture you sent is exactly where I want to be right now or as soon as possible, I’m 46 years old and have never done that! Sitting here that seems bonkers. Can’t wait to squeeze and tweak your breasts and give your nipples a good tug whilst you sit on my face and grind yourself into my tongue and teeth xxxx

A: Me neither! A first for us both. One of many hopefully. We’ve lots of time to get all these things ticked off.
I’m off to bed myself, totally knackered.
Sweet dreams I hope they’re of me xxxx

H: Night night xxxxx

A: Night babe I’m praying for 8 hours, hope you sleep better tonight xxxx

H: Another night like last night would be awesome…. I thought about you for 8hrs xxxxx

A: That sounds like a very long night!! Hope you do sleep otherwise you’ll be knackered. If I was there I’d do the whole “caring romantic shit” and stroke your hair, back & chest until you went asleep!
Then get up and read ha ha ha ha

H: Xxxxx that would have been nice xxxx

A: I could be wrong but I think you miss affection. I’ll try and incorporate it into our friendship xxxxx









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