19th August

I logged on to find out that yes he was hammered and fortunately hadn’t died in the night 😂

H: That will be 2 bottles of wine and lots of vodka then! God knows what I was trying to say! I can talk if you are free xxxxx

I called him and we chatted. Far too long ago to remember.

A: Thanks for the chat, glad you’re letting your hair down & enjoying yourself. Have a good day xxxxx

Very busy day for both of us and I was going out to celebrate our colleague leaving. I spoke to him while I waited for the others to arrive and we had a good catch up and laugh. I told him I wished he was here which was true, but mainly so that we could disappear off to a hotel – the girls got needs!

I emailed him a photo of two cocktails (as its 2 for 1) and said I wish he was here.

H: Me too, how’s it going? XXXX

A: Tony* is loved up & leaving early to spend time with his man
John* is juggling 7 woman
Ann* is messaging someone constantly called Ava – I shit you not & she’s hammered.
Phil* looks no different you’d think he was off to work
Neil* is a prick – this is not news
The rest of us are awesome. I wish I could drink xxxxx

H: You are doing well, still out at 22.00!!

A: I know. Bad Ava is getting into practice

H: Hopefully at staying out late xxxxxx

A: That’s all I’m practicing this evening babe xx Freya is fucked already so I’m going to try & stay out if I can hack it. Don’t trust some of these arse holes. You ok? xxx

H: Fine, sober Ish, just going back to the boat, 1st back again !!!! I’m too old to party or is it that I can’t stand most of the these people as they bore me to death!!!
Wish I was with you 😘😘😘

A: I really wish you were here. Is that selfish? XXXX

H: No because I feel the same xxxx
Either you here or me up there xxxx

A: Heading home now just waiting to be picked up. Had enough xxx

H: Then we could have had some no holds barred dirty rude sex before meeting everyone then some nice slow shagging afterwards xxxx

A: Maybe next time. I’ll let you know when I’m home xxx

My son was picking me up so I had a conversation with him while I waited to be picked up. I had to cut the conversation short though as Frank called to tell me he was lost!

I emailed him when I got in to say I was home and that I was having a bath and off to bed. I live such an exciting life, not!




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