18th August

I started the morning by emailing him a photo of me in my bra!

A: Today’s bra check out those tan lines! Xxx

H: What a rack, shame I can’t use it as my screen saver xxxxxxx

A: Surely you’d prefer the screensaver to be naked xx
Have a good day, be careful xx

With him being away we had very little contact.

H: Evening, how’s you? Xxxxxx

I had been out with my friend for a girly catch up so I didn’t reply until much later.

A: Just got home. Had a very pleasant evening with *Karen, always spend it laughing!
Hope you’ve had a good day sailing xxx

H: How is she? Sounds like you had a good night, what’s the gossip?

A: She is really well thanks, no gossip sorry.
You had a good day?

H: Excellent days training, the novice guys and girls have really got the hang of it quickly.
Just in tiger tiger now eating with all the other teams hope to be in bed soon xxxx

A: Sounds like a good day was had by all. Enjoy tiger tiger, make mine a mojito!
Enjoy your early night xxx

H: I would if I could…. I can’t let you drink, that been said the more you drink the better I get!!!

A: I wouldn’t bet on that mate. You’d better be great sober or drunk 😂 xxx

H: Sober does it for me, I want to remember every moment of our first encounter with no time constraints xxxxxxx

A: Awwww so romantic
So gay 😂😂
I’m sure it’s going to be amazing, really looking forward to it xxxxx

H: Or I could have a drink and fuck your brains out hard and fast ….

A: Then pass out in a drunken coma.
Yay it’ll be like being at home 😂😂

H: Laughing XXXX ok I will stay sober xxxxx

A: It matters not to me, I’m only joking. I want you to be comfortable, if that means you need a drink then that’s fine xxxx

H: Definately don’t need a drink, genuinely want to take the memory to my grave xxxxxxxx

A: Sweet. I’m sure it’s going to be something to remember!
You off to bed? XXXX

H: Night night, shock horror… I’m th efforts person back to the boat… God do I feel old xxxxxx

A: First person I’m guessing. You had a late one this morning so enjoy the peace while you have it.
Thinking of me here all alone naked…….!

H: That’s not fair lol. I’m still alone and am tUrni go the lights out associated xxxxx

A: Associated?????
I want whatever you’re on xxxx
Night babe xxxx

I assumed, correctly he was hammered!





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